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Corporate Twitter Accounts' Days Are Numbered

Smart people won't be doing this forever

(Newser) - Ever sent a tweet to tech support? It beats the heck out of calling, Simon Dumenco discovered recently, when a whining appeal to @sprintcare yielded a prompt, personal, pitch-perfect response. Sounds great, right? Well, don’t expect it to last long, Dumenco writes for Advertising Age , because the current corporate... More »

What Do We Tweet About? TV, Mostly

New social media still fixated on the original

(Newser) - Everybody's eager to talk about the social media "revolution." But you know what the social media conversation mostly focuses on? Old media, particularly TV. Just ask Simon Dumenco, who analyzes Twitter data every week for Advertising Age . “Old media still rules our lives,” he writes. “... More »

Google Wants Your Milkshake

Has search giant strayed from 'Don't Be Evil' motto?

(Newser) - Google used to say it was just a search company, striving to “organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.” But with the release of Google Buzz, it’s clear what that corporate mission really means, says Simon Dumenco of Advertising Age . “In the... More »

Obama Must Avenge Conan, Fire NBC's CEO

Treat Jeff Zucker like the head of GM, and do it now

(Newser) - If President Obama can fire GM’s CEO, why not Jeff Zucker, the bonehead who ousted Conan O’Brien? The Tonight Show fiasco was just the latest masterstroke of the “blindingly incompetent” NBC boss, but it looks as though he’s safe until Comcast finishes acquiring the floundering broadcaster,... More »

I Don't Need Twitter's Need to Know Now...

... But that immediacy sure can be addictive

(Newser) - Twitter’s appeal is predicated on our need to know things right now. As 2009, the year of Twitter, draws to a close, Simon Dumenco of Advertising Age examines what he’s learned about that:
  • We don’t usually need to know right now. Unless you’re a surgeon waiting
... More »

When News Is for the Rich, Newser Is Robin Hood...

...and founder Michael Wolff is in jail

(Newser) - The year is 2012, and Michael Wolff is in prison. He’s the first high-profile conviction under 2011’s anti-aggregation law, the draconian act that’s allowed newspapers to duck behind ever-pricier paywalls. These days, a New York Times subscription will run you $7,000, and “the cultural divide... More »

Soundbite Nation: Tweet First, Think Later

Social media leading to 'general derangement': Dumenco

(Newser) - Time was, only politicians were expected to speak in soundbites, but these days, writes Simon Dumenco in Advertising Age, "tens of millions of us do it as a matter of course." Twitter and other social media have made us all into reaction machines, with errors and exaggerations cropping... More »

Parasitic, Tabloid HuffPo Just Pretends to Do Journalism

The 'supposedly revolutionary über-blog' wears no clothes: Dumenco

(Newser) - Syracuse University’s SI Newhouse journalism school recently awarded Arianna Huffington one of their lifetime achievement awards, an honor that strikes Simon Dumenco as absurd, he writes for Advertising Age. It sounds like a brutally ironic joke: a school for training journalists honors someone who’s built a popular website... More »

8 Stories