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Dozens Hurt in New York Subway Derailment

2 cars went off the track and into a wall

(Newser) - Dozens of people were hurt Tuesday morning in New York when a subway derailed in Manhattan. The emergency brake was activated—it's not clear why—which caused two cars to veer off the tracks and into a wall, the New York Times reports. There was extensive damage, including to... More »

Teen Killed Crossing Tracks on a Birthday Dare

Liam Armstrong was celebrating on the Upper West Side

(Newser) - Senseless tragedy in Manhattan, where a Long Island high school senior celebrating his 18th birthday tried to cross subway tracks on a dare and was killed by an oncoming train. Liam Armstrong was with two friends last night when they got on the wrong train. They realized their mistake, disembarked,... More »

2 Cops Shot on NYC Subway

As NYT takes a look at impact of subway deaths

(Newser) - More depressing news on the New York City subway last night, as two police officers were shot while stopping a man moving between cars on the Brooklyn-bound N-train, reports the New York Times . Two plainclothes cops asked the rider to leave the train with them, but, after initially appearing to... More »

Shanghai Subway Collision Injures More Than 260

Public anger erupts over second train crash since July

(Newser) - More than 260 people were injured today when two subway trains collided in central Shanghai, a government official says. Most of the wounds were bruises and bone fractures, and none were critical, Reuters reports, but one passenger says that “blood was everywhere." More »

Boston Subway Just Misses Woman

Driver, another employee honored for quick action

(Newser) - A Boston subway train came to a screeching halt just before hitting a woman who had fallen onto the tracks. She told authorities afterward she'd been drinking. Both the train's driver and another Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority employee have been hailed as heroes for their quick action. More »

Circuit Flaw Suspected in DC Crash

Electronic 'anomalies' found, markings indicated driver hit emergency brakes

(Newser) - Federal investigators believe an electronic problem may have caused Monday's deadly train crash in Washington DC, the Washington Post reports. Teesting has uncovered "anomalies" in a section of the Metro's automated control system, which senses train locations and sends speed commands, according to investigators. More »

DC Subway Car 2 Months Overdue for Brake Work

(Newser) - The Washington subway car that rear-ended another yesterday, killing nine passengers, was two months overdue for brake maintenance, a Metro source tells the Post today. “These components are supposed to be changed out to prevent failures,” the source said; officials have not said if they think the car’... More »

Feds Had Told DC to Bench Crashed Train

(Newser) - The subway train that plowed into another stopped train yesterday, killing nine people and injuring scores of others in Washington, was part of an aging fleet that federal officials had sought to phase out because of safety concerns, an investigator said today. The Metrorail transit system kept the old trains... More »

System, Driver Error Suspected in DC Train Crash

(Newser) - Experts suspect yesterday’s deadly subway collision in Washington was the result of both a system failure and human error, the Washington Post reports. The city’s trains are run by onboard computers, which should, theoretically, prevent trains from colliding. The system has failed once before, in 2005, but the... More »

Death Toll in DC Crash Reduced to 7

(Newser) - Washington, DC, officials have reduced the fatalities in yesterday's Metro crash to seven from the nine previously reported, reports AP. Mayor Adrian Fenty said officials are "going to let the investigation run its course" and that hopefully the number will not exceed seven by the end of the day.... More »

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