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Result of Nest's 'Virtually Unlimited' Budget: Goose Egg

After Nest CEO announces departure, details trickle out about Google, employee woes

(Newser) - Tony Fadell, the CEO of Nest—the smart-thermostat manufacturer sold to Google two years ago for $3.2 billion—announced Friday he was leaving to work as an adviser to Larry Page, CEO of Alphabet (Google and Nest's parent company), the AP reports. And as more details leak, it... More »

Great, Google Is Taking Over Our Homes, Too

Acquisition of Nest is more like an 'annexation,' writes Dan Hon

(Newser) - So Google just dropped $3.2 billion to acquire Nest , a maker of "smart" home thermostats and smoke alarms. Another ho-hum business acquisition? Far from it, writes Dan Hon at Wired . In fact, don't think of it as an acquisition, he suggests. Think "annexation." As in,... More »

Google Drops $3.2B on 'Smart Thermostat' Maker

Firm pays $3.2B for Nest

(Newser) - The Google empire is extending its reach into the heart of people's homes with its acquisition of Nest, a maker of Internet-connected fire alarms and thermostats. Google, which coughed up $3.2 billion in cash for the start-up, says Nest will continue to operate independently, though co-founder Matt Rogers... More »

Film Captures Killer Chick Attacking Co-Nestlings

Vicious interloper dispatches foster siblings

(Newser) - Here's a true case of angry birds, but it's not funny. A hidden camera is revealing the vicious evolutionary survival skill of killer honeyguide chicks. African honeyguide moms lay their eggs in other birds' nest, and soon after their chicks hatch, they hack their foster siblings to death.... More »

How You Can Shop —and Help the World

A list of retail strategies to do good while you buy

(Newser) - Want to do some shopping and do some good—at the same time? Sandy Stonesifer, writing for Slate, offers some ways to buy for the betterment of humanity:
  • Go for products that donate a portion of proceeds to charity—like Product (Red) iPods, which give to the Global Fund, and
... More »

5 Stories