Manuel Zelaya

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Conservative Wins in Testy Honduran Election

US recognizes result, though deposed president was never restored

(Newser) - Conservative Porfirio Lobo has emerged as the winner in yesterday's Honduran election, and appears set to take the central American nation's disputed presidency as it continues to reel from the crisis sparked by last summer's coup. After initially condemning the coup, Washington shifted gears to support this weekend's election, which... More »

Honduras Unity Deal Fails

Plan to reinstate Zelaya falls apart as deadline passes

(Newser) - The US-brokered deal to end the political standoff in Honduras has collapsed, says ousted president Manuel Zelaya, although the interim president installed after Zelaya's ouster doesn't agree even on that. "The accord is dead," Zelaya said from the Brazilian Embassy, where he has been holed up since slipping... More »

Coup Leaders Crack Down in Honduras

Regime curtails freedoms as Zelaya remains holed up

(Newser) - The interim government in Honduras moved to prevent protests late last night, outlawing public assemblies and giving the army broad new arrest powers. Manuel Zelaya, who has been holed up for a week in Tegucigalpa's Brazilian embassy alongside about 65 family members, has called on his supporters to take to... More »

Honduran Leaders Will Reopen Talks

Micheletti agrees to open dialogue with ousted president

(Newser) - The ousted president and acting president of Honduras have agreed to reopen dialogue after the recently returned Manuel Zelaya announced he would accept the results of a November election. Zelaya and Roberto Micheletti held separate meetings with four presidential candidates yesterday and may meet face to face soon, according to... More »

Zelaya: Israeli Mercenaries Trying to Kill, Irradiate Me

Witnesses report strange apparatus

(Newser) - Manuel Zelaya says “Israeli mercenaries” are planning to assassinate him, and in the meantime are torturing him by pumping toxic gases and high-frequency radiation into the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa. “We are being threatened with death,” he tells the Miami Herald, but “I prefer to march... More »

Honduras Barricades Zelaya, Cuts Off Water, Electricity

Ousted president and 70 others trapped inside Brazilian embassy

(Newser) - Security forces in Honduras barricaded ousted president Manuel Zelaya inside the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa overnight, cutting off water, electricity, and telephone service to the building. Zelaya and about 70 other people are enduring a de facto siege, reports the Guardian; troops are stationed on nearby rooftops, speakers are blasting... More »

Zelaya Supporters Clash With Honduran Police

(Newser) - Honduras' tense political situation may be coming to a head. Riot police clashed with supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya today outside the Brazilian embassy, where Zelaya has been holed up for a day since sneaking back into the country. Police fired tear gas at the protesters, who returned fire... More »

Zelaya Returns to Honduras

Ousted leader announces return on TV, but interim government denies it

(Newser) - Manuel Zelaya is back in Honduras, the ousted president told a Honduran TV station today, prompting thousands of his supporters to gather outside the UN building in the capital to celebrate. “I am here for the restoration of democracy, to call for dialogue,” Zelaya declared. The US State... More »

Zelaya Plans Honduras Return

(Newser) - Manuel Zelaya intends to cross from Nicaragua into Honduras today or tomorrow, a move that could land him in prison or worse, the Miami Herald reports. Honduras has stepped up its border security, with interim president Roberto Micheletti promising that the deposed leader will be arrested on sight and charged... More »

Honduras Crisis Talks Collapse

(Newser) - Talks to end the political crisis in Honduras collapsed last night, raising the prospect of violence in the Central American nation if ousted president Manuel Zelaya fulfills his promise to return with or without a deal. Pro-Zelaya protesters are marching in the capital today after the interim government rejected a... More »

Chavez: Ousted Prez Back to Honduras 'in Hours'

Venezuelan prez pledges support for Zelaya

(Newser) - Ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya will return to the country “in the coming hours,” Hugo Chavez says. “We're behind him, we have to support him,” the Venezuelan leader said ahead of crisis talks hosted by Costa Rica’s president this weekend, Reuters reports. “This is... More »

Castro: Restore Honduran Prez, or Expect More Coups

Other Latin American coups will follow from US-trained forces

(Newser) - President Obama and Fidel Castro finally agree on something: Both think Honduran President Manuel Zelaya should be returned to power, Reuters reports. Writing on the website of a state-run newspaper, Castro warned that if Zelaya’s ouster isn’t overturned, “a wave of coups threatens to sweep many Latin... More »

OAS Boots Honduras Over Prez's Ouster

New gov't blows off Saturday deadline to reinstate Zelaya

(Newser) - Honduras has been suspended from the Organization of American States for refusing to reinstate its ousted president, CNN reports. The OAS had given the country’s new leaders until yesterday to hand power back to Jose Manuel Zelaya. Meanwhile, thousands held an airport demonstration to support Zelaya, who says he’... More »

Honduras Quits OAS

(Newser) - Honduras beat the Organization of American States to the punch by quitting the organization today before its membership could be suspended, the New York Times reports. The OAS has been critical of what it calls an illegal coup in Honduras and was to meet today to consider expulsion. Honduras’ perhaps-President... More »

Honduras Considers Early Election

Interim gov't may hold Zelaya-free election in effort to end political crisis

(Newser) - The interim government installed by the military coup in Honduras is considering holding an early election to defuse the country's political crisis, Reuters reports. Roberto Michelletti, who heads up the caretaker government, says he is "in total agreement" with moving forward November's presidential election, in which ousted president Manuel... More »

Honduras' Ousted Prez Vows to Return This Weekend

(Newser) - Honduras' dicey political situation could come to a head this weekend. Ousted President Manuel Zelaya tells Bloomberg he will return to the country in the next few days, and he expects US support when he does. “Their words are strong,” he said. “We’re going to see... More »

Pentagon Cuts Ties With Honduras

Central American nation isolated as OAS sets ultimatum

(Newser) - As thousands of Hondurans protested yesterday in dueling rallies backing both ousted President Manuel Zelaya and the military-backed government that came to power last weekend, the Central American nation grows further isolated, reports the AP. The Pentagon yesterday suspended joint US-Honduran military operations and the World Bank said it was... More »

Obama's Honduras Response Defuses Chávez Bluster

Condemnation of Honduran coup parries accusations of US complicity

(Newser) - President Obama confounded Hugo Chávez’s attempts to implicate Washington in the Honduran coup by calling for President Manuel Zelaya’s reinstatement, Simon Romero writes for the New York Times. When the coup was announced, Chávez immediately suggested that the US was financing Zelaya’s opponents or, as... More »

OAS Issues Ultimatum to Honduras

President installed by coup says only invasion will depose him

(Newser) - If its deposed president isn’t reinstated within 72 hours, Honduras will be kicked out of the Organization of American States, the group’s secretary-general said today, in the latest sign of Manuel Zelaya’s overwhelming international support. Zelaya spoke before the UN yesterday, and the General Assembly voted by... More »

Obama Will Try to Rig a Third Term: Limbaugh

Barack, like Honduran prez, just wants to 'rule' for as long as possible

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh says President Obama condemned the military coup against Honduran President Manuel Zelaya in order to “lay a foundation for not being a hypocrite when he tries to serve beyond 2016,” RealClearPolitics reports. The army moved against Zelaya when he tried to eliminate term limits—“basically... More »

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