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Peter Pan Author's Lost 'Bedroom Farce' Is Published

JM Barrie's work involves a hotel, 'the victim,' and a mustard plaster

(Newser) - The latest issue of the Strand Magazine includes a play by legendary Peter Pan author JM Barrie—and it's the first time it's ever been published. But if anyone's looking for a magical journey to Neverland, you won't find it here. The editor calls The Reconstruction ... More »

Backlash After Rooney Mara Cast as Native American

She'll play Peter Pan's Tiger Lily

(Newser) - Rooney Mara was recently cast as Tiger Lily in the Peter Pan origin movie Pan, Variety reported this week, and as the New York Daily News notes, the backlash has been fierce. Commenters and Twitter users were quick to point out that Mara is white, while Tiger Lily is Native... More »

Move Over, Sound of Music: Peter Pan Next to Go Live

NBC's next live musical to air in December

(Newser) - NBC's live version of The Sound of Music may not have garnered very good reviews , but you can't argue with nearly 19 million viewers. As expected , the network will do another live musical in December, and it announced yesterday that musical will be Peter Pan. "Get ready... More »

Justin Bieber Channels Peter Pan in Perfume Ad

He flies through the clouds with a sweet-smelling 'Wendy'

(Newser) - Justin Bieber looks more than passingly like a Lost Boy in the debut commercial for his just-launched perfume, Someday (the antidote to Never Never?). The Boy Wonder flies through the clouds with a girl looking suspiciously like Wendy before planting a kiss on her cheek in her bedroom. The ad... More »

Clues in 1930s Baby-Mummies Case Point to Peter Pan Link

One suspect related to author JM Barrie

(Newser) - Police investigating the two mummified babies found in an LA basement have hit on a curious, but unlikely, person-of-interest. Medical forms found in the same trunk as the bodies refer to a woman named Jean M. Barrie, who was, it seems, a local nurse. But it’s also possible, sources... More »

John Hughes Was Peter Pan: Molly Ringwald

Director, mentor was 'one of us' kids

(Newser) - For Molly Ringwald, John Hughes was like Peter Pan, drawing his teen actors into Neverland, she writes in the New York Times. Hughes “was one of us,” laughing alongside the actors rather than reprimanding them as they worked. And when Ringwald and her fellow actors chose to move... More »

Obit Writers Agree: He Was Peter Pan

(Newser) - It's no secret that Michael Jackson, onetime owner of Neverland, loved Peter Pan, and the reference provided legions of obituary and tribute writers with a theme:
  • New York Times: "For his legions of fans, he was the Peter Pan of pop music: the little boy who refused to grow
... More »

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