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Federal Workers Owe $1B in Back Taxes

2010 figure soars $32M from year before

(Newser) - Some 98,000 federal workers owed $1.03 billion in unpaid taxes at the end of the 2010 fiscal year. While that's fewer employees than in 2009, the amount of cash owed climbed by $32 million, the Washington Post reports. Defense Department workers owed the most, with more than... More »

Congressional Staffers Play Market Using Inside Info

Many place bets on industries their bosses regulate

(Newser) - When Chris Miller doubled his investment in a renewable energy firm in 2008, he might have had an inkling that legislation was coming that would benefit the firm. After all, he’s Harry Reid’s top energy policy adviser. Confronted yesterday, a Reid spokesman said Miller had shown “poor... More »

Number of House Staffers Making Six Figures Soars

Almost 2,000 raking in the big bucks

(Newser) - Almost 2,000 House staffers pulled in six figure salaries last year, including 43 making the maximum $172,500, according to a report commissioned by Politico. That’s three times the median US household income, and only $2,000 less than elected legislators make. The ranks of these elite earners... More »

Brilliant, Loyal Kennedy Staffers the Envy of DC

Lion has cubs to thank for many legislative victories

(Newser) - When they discovered their old boss had died, about 100 former Kennedy staffers headed to Boston to help with the funeral. “We are a family,” says one former communications adviser. They have also been a formidable political asset, both to the senator and the Democratic Party, the Washington ... More »

Critics Blast Congress for Lack of Staff Diversity

NFL hiring rule may translate to Capitol Hill

(Newser) - Congressional staffs are so overwhelmingly white that Capitol Hill needs its own version of the NFL rule requiring teams hiring a head coach to interview at least one person of color, critics tell the Hill. Frustrated staffers, lobbyists, and aides point out that even though more minorities are being elected,... More »

5 Stories