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Illinois Lost More People Than Any Other State This Year

Residents fleeing to warmer climates, better job opportunities

(Newser) - Illinois can claim a dubious honor for the third year running: It's the state that's lost the most people for the year, the Chicago Tribune reports. US Census data published Tuesday revealed the Prairie State said goodbye to 37,508 people between July 1, 2015, and July 1,... More »

Reporter Who Called County 'Worst Place to Live' Moving There

Christopher Ingraham insulted Minnesota—then fell in love with it

(Newser) - When Washington Post data journalist Christopher Ingraham wrote a column about the best and worst places to live in America last summer, he had no idea how much his life was about to change. In addition to deeming Ventura County, Calif., the most desirable county based on a "natural... More »

Half of Illinois Wants to Leave State

People in Montana, Hawaii, Maine want to stay put, poll finds

(Newser) - If everybody in America had the opportunity to pack up and move to the state of their choice, Illinois, Connecticut, and Maryland would empty out, according to a new Gallup poll . Around half of residents in all three states said they would relocate to another state given the chance, with... More »

As Economy Improves, More Americans Pack Up and Move

Increasingly older people, many headed to Florida, new Census data finds

(Newser) - In search of greener pastures? You're not alone: More than 7 million Americans moved state last year, the highest number in four year. But it isn't just young folks seeking out new horizons, reports the Wall Street Journal , middle-aged and older Americans are increasingly the ones relocating long-distances.... More »

NYC Man Moves Entire Apartment Via Subway

That's one way to ensure your friends stop speaking to you

(Newser) - It’s bad enough asking your friends to help you move…it’s even worse when you ask them to help you move using only the New York City subway system. Young Min, a 24-year-old former Queens resident, somehow convinced two language school friends to help him move, via subway,... More »

Americans Staying Put Amid Recession

Number of people moving at lowest since WWII

(Newser) - The recession, with its attendant falloff in home prices and job opportunities, has pared back the traditional American activity of relocation to its lowest level since World War II. A new study shows that 12% of Americans moved in the last two years, compared to 14% earlier this decade, 17%... More »

Jenny Sanford, Kids Move Out

(Newser) - The wife of South Carolina's philandering governor is moving out and taking the kids, the State reports. “I have decided to move back to our home in Charleston with our sons for the upcoming school year,” Mark Sanford's wife, Jenny, said in a statement released today. The governor... More »

Family Moves Double Teen Suicide Risk

(Newser) - Teens forced to move often by their parents’ jobs are much more likely to attempt suicide than those who stay put, MSNBC reports. Kids between 11 and 17 who moved three or more times were twice as likely to try to kill themselves as children who grew up in the... More »

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