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Modern Moonshine: 'Artisanal,' Not Rotgut

Hot but illegal trend produces fashionable spirits

(Newser) - Moonshiners these days are just as likely to be in a basement in Poughkeepsie as in a holler in West Virginia. Though homebrew is illegal in all 50 states, the trend is on the rise, writes Josh Ozersky in Time . And unlike the "mountain dew" of yore, these "... More »

Local Food's New Apostles: Bartenders, Er, 'Bar Chefs'

(Newser) - The affinity for fresh, local produce in US restaurants has spilled out into the bar, USA Today reports. Many mixologists—or the new term of art, “bar chefs”—are starting their days scouting farmers markets instead of ordering syrups. “The flavor in the produce is not only... More »

2 Stories