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Cops ID Headless Body Found in Fish Tank

San Francisco police also arrested 2 men

(Newser) - Missing man, headless man—they're the same person, officials say. San Francisco police said Wednesday that a headless, handless torso found in a fish tank in a missing man's house belonged to 65-year-old homeowner Brian Egg, People reports. Police have also arrested two men and say one of... More »

Young Driver Kills 2; Her Bartender Is Charged, Too

20-year-old killed woman, child while allegedly driving drunk

(Newser) - It wasn't surprising that police charged a 20-year-old Texas woman after she killed a mother and infant while allegedly driving drunk. More surprising is that authorities also have charged the bartender who allegedly served her before the crash, along with two men accused of buying her drinks, reports ABC13... More »

Wanted: Bartender, Must Like Ghosts

No word on how many candidates have applied for the job at the Eagle Plains Hotel

(Newser) - Wanted: Mixologist with a hankering for lots of ice—and no small amount of snow. One of the most remote watering holes in northern Canada is searching for a bartender. But not just any candidate will do. To join the staff of seven at Eagle Plains Hotel & Service Station... More »

Amy Schumer Left Big-Time Tip for Hamilton Bartenders

That'd be a $1K tip on a $77 tab

(Newser) - Amy Schumer took in a Broadway play and bought a few drinks Saturday night—and she left an ample tip to thank the bartenders for a fun night out. The comedian placed a $1,000 gratuity on top of her $77 bar bill at a showing of Hamilton, leaving the... More »

Bartender Guilty After Guy Downs 56 Shots, Dies

Frenchman broke bar's shots record, then fell into coma

(Newser) - A bartender in France has been handed a four-month suspended sentence for manslaughter after a patron fatally threw back 56 shots to break his bar's record, AFP reports. Renaud Prudhomme, 56—and weighing 260 pounds, per the Local —was helped home from Starter bar in Clermont-Ferrand last October... More »

Cops: Bartender Threatened to Poison Boehner

Ohio suspect has history of psychiatric illness

(Newser) - A bartender in Ohio with a history of psychiatric problems told police that he planned to kill John Boehner, possibly by poisoning his drink or shooting him, reports WCPO in Cincinnati. Michael Hoyt, 44, who worked at a country club frequented by Boehner, was indicted on a charge of threatening... More »

Bartender Returns $200 She Stole 15 Years Ago

Guilty conscience finally wins

(Newser) - She was, by her own admission, a lousy bartender. What's worse, she stole from the register at Gibb's sports bar in Beatrice, Nebraska, when she worked there 15 years ago. But as ABC News reports, the anonymous woman has tried to make things right by mailing a long-overdue... More »

Customer Leaves $1K Tip for Dog's Surgery

Bartender tried to return money, but tipper insisted she keep it

(Newser) - Another story about a big tip is in the news, but this one has a couple of twists—the recipient tried to give the money back, and it all revolves around a sick dog. As CNN reports, a couple ordered drinks and wings at a bar in Clinton, NJ,... More »

Bartender Gets $17.5K Tip

Customer told her to keep winning lottery ticket

(Newser) - After hours of fruitlessly searching for an affordable couch last week, Oregon bartender Aurora Kephart's day picked up when she went to work and got an amazing $17,505 tip. A regular customer asked her to pick two from his handful of unplayed Keno lottery tickets, the first of... More »

Patron Tries to Buy Beer With Bartender's Stolen Card

Surprised barkeep calls cops, gets arrest

(Newser) - A guy strolls into a bar and buys a beer with a credit card. He is then swiftly arrested. The guy, a 53-year-old homeless man in Miami Beach, purchased his brew from the exact wrong bartender ... because he happened to be using the bartender's stolen credit card, reports the... More »

Unruly Patron Bites Off Bartender's Pinky: Cops

Said patron had just been caught having sex at said bar

(Newser) - Crazy things happen at bars, and then crazeeee things happen at bars ... a tale of the latter, out of New York: Glens Falls police report that Ernest Vannier was caught having sex with a woman around 4am yesterday in the smoking room of a bar called the Daily Double. It... More »

Shaken, Stirred, or ... Aged in a Barrel?

Bartenders borrowing the principle for cocktails, too

(Newser) - The New York Times declares a trend in the bartending world: barrel-aged cocktails. Barkeeps across the country are applying the same principle that works on whiskey to their concoctions, writes Robert Simonson. It's as simple as it sounds: Make up a batch, stick it in a barrel for about six... More »

Shut Off the Smartphone, Lest You Kill the Bar Debate

There are times for your iPhone; the bar is not one

(Newser) - Sure, you know to shut off your smartphone at the movies, maybe in the boardroom, and we hope in the bedroom, but there's one more place too sacred for technology: Your favorite watering hole. Ever since Derek Brown got that shiny iPhone, he finds himself Googling the answers to trivia... More »

Have a Pickle Chaser With That Whiskey

Pickle juice + Jameson is latest bar trend

(Newser) - The hottest New York bar trend is based on a decidedly unsexy beverage: pickle juice. The "pickle back," a shot of pickle juice to chase straight Jameson, was once a staff-only practice known as the "bartender's handshake." But ordinary customers have found that the unlikely combination... More »

How to Be a Crappy Bartender

The big key is ignoring your customers

(Newser) - Having woken up with a burr under his saddle (if not also perhaps a hangover) after a bad night at the bar, Derek Brown brings some tips on how to be bad bartender:
  • No need to give customers what they really want. “Nothing says first class like treating the
... More »

World's Oldest Bartender Calling It Quits

(Newser) - The longest serving bartender in the world—that Guinness-certified honor came 10 years ago—and slinger of one of the first beers after Prohibition ended is hanging up his cocktail shaker, the AP reports. Ninety-five-year-old Angelo Cammarata, owner of the beloved Cammarata’s Café in Pittsburgh, is selling after more... More »

Beer's New Role: Cocktail Mixer

New drinks throw away rules about mixing alcohol

(Newser) - The days of keeping your beer and liquor separate are over, with bartenders crafting crossover drinks that mix beer with other spirits—even wine. “Other countries have been doing this for a long time,” one beer connoisseur tells the New York Times. Creations range from the “Muddy... More »

Local Food's New Apostles: Bartenders, Er, 'Bar Chefs'

(Newser) - The affinity for fresh, local produce in US restaurants has spilled out into the bar, USA Today reports. Many mixologists—or the new term of art, “bar chefs”—are starting their days scouting farmers markets instead of ordering syrups. “The flavor in the produce is not only... More »

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