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And the World's Least Emotional Country Is...

...Singapore, according to Gallup

(Newser) - When it comes to "emotionless societies," Singapore takes the cake. This according to Gallup , which has polled residents in 150 countries since 2009 in a quest to gauge how emotional each country is. It went about doing so by asking a series of yes-and-no questions designed to suss... More »

Web Apps Keep Tabs on National Mood

They troll mountains of online data seeking economic indicators

(Newser) - Web-based tools have become increasingly adept at measuring a critical economic indicator: the nation’s mood. Whereas old indicators were based on surveys, these applications sift through mountains of online data, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. TweetFeel, for example, looks for select words and emoticons on Twitter. Other systems do... More »

World's Fuss Over Jackson 'False Emotion'

(Newser) - The outpouring of grief over Michael Jackson’s death really has nothing to do with the singer, Hadley Freeman writes in the Guardian. Just look at him: “For the past 15 years, ever since the first child-abuse allegations,” Freeman writes, “he has been a figure of freakishness.... More »

3 Stories