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She Died in Her Crib. Her Parents Blame Their Apartment

Oregon couple suing for $8M

(Newser) - Two-year-old Taqwa Dakhlalla was "all [her mother] ever wanted," a little girl who made the lives of her parents "ceaselessly better," according to Facebook posts. Then tragedy struck. On Dec. 11, 2016, Janna Walton and Abdullah Dakhlalla put their daughter to sleep in a room in... More »

Users Complain of iPhone 3GS Overheating

Handset became too hot to handle when used while plugged in

(Newser) - Apple's hot new handset appears to be suffering some serious overheating issues, Melissa Perenson writes for PC World. Users on a French tech site say their white iPhone 3GS handsets became discolored after overheating, Perenson notes. She was aware of some "heat issues" with her own model but nothing... More »

2 Stories