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Fertile Women Buy Sexier Clothes

But it's for the sake of other women

(Newser) - Women are more likely to pick out sexy clothes when they’re ovulating, particularly if they think they have competition for potential partners, scientists say. A new study says women subconsciously lean toward the skimpy and seductive if they’re ovulating and see other attractive women nearby. “In order... More »

Studies Link Infertility Treatments to Autism

Clomid, other drugs, IVF associated with higher risk

(Newser) - Scientists have a new lead in the search for the causes autism. Research presented this week provides strong evidence of a link between infertility treatments and the disorder. A Harvard study has discovered that treatment with Clomid and other ovulation-stimulating drugs doubles a woman's risk of giving birth to an... More »

More Sex Makes Stronger Sperm, Cuts Infertility

Men's sperm quality improves with daily ejaculation, study finds

(Newser) - Having sex every day improves sperm quality and can improve a couple's chances of conception, an Australian fertility specialist finds. Eight in 10 men with fertility problems showed less damaged DNA and more mobility in their sperm after 7 days, the BBC reports. The study recommended men "keep the... More »

3 Stories