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5 US Brands That May Vanish in 2018

2 are tied to this year's #MeToo movement

(Newser) - We'll soon lock 2017 away in our memory banks, but our recollections aren't the only things we may be leaving behind. Major US brands could be disappearing, per 24/7 Wall St. , a result of factors such as lagging customer demand, cuts from up high in corporate, and bad... More »

1M Nissans Recalled Over Airbag Issue

Software problem may prevent inflation

(Newser) - Nissan is calling back about a million of its 2013 and 2014 vehicles: Thanks to a software issue, the passenger airbag may not expand during an accident. The problem is related to the car not recognizing that there is a passenger in the seat, the Los Angeles Times explains. Affected... More »

Hottest Rides of 2007

CNNMoney puts the rubber to the road and finds the best cars in 10 categories

(Newser) - Whether you want something small and hip or capacious and safe, you can find it in CNNMoney's guide to the best cars of 2007 as determined by Consumer Reports.
  1. Budget car, subcompact:  Honda Fit
  2. Sedan, less then $20,000:  Honda Civic
  3. Sedan, $20,000 to $30,000: Honda
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3 Stories