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Croissant Eating Contest Turns Deadly for Ex-Boxer

Mario Melo of Argentina choked to death at 56

(Newser) - A former boxer has choked to death during a televised croissant eating contest in Argentina. The death of 56-year-old Mario Melo was announced by his sister Monday. Per the AP , Aida Melo told the local TN television channel that she was watching as her brother collapsed behind the contest's... More »

She 'Chipmunked' Pancakes and Died. Now, a Lawsuit

Mom of college student Caitlin Nelson sues Sacred Heart University after eating contest death

(Newser) - It was supposed to be a goofy competition, but it ended with the choking death of a college student. Now the mom of 20-year-old Caitlin Nelson, who died in April 2017 after wolfing down a handful of pancakes in an eating contest, is suing Sacred Heart University, claiming the college... More »

He Raced to Eat a Massive Doughnut, and It Killed Him

Travis Malouff reportedly tried to eat giant sweet in less than 80 seconds in Denver

(Newser) - Competitive eating has taken another awful turn, this time in Colorado. Last week a Connecticut college student whose dad died on 9/11 apparently choked to death during a pancake-eating contest , and early Sunday, a 42-year-old man suffered the same fate while scarfing down a giant doughnut, KUSA reports. Witnesses say... More »

Ghost Pepper Puts Hole in Man's Esophagus

Excessive vomiting tore a hole in his esophagus

(Newser) - The ghost pepper is one of the world's hottest peppers, with a Scoville rating of more than a million. So it might follow that you shouldn't ingest it in more than tiny quantities. And yet, the Journal of Emergency Medicine reports on the unusual case of a man... More »

This Might Be the Healthiest Eating Competition Ever

Contestants have 8 minutes to down as much kale as they can

(Newser) - Competitive eaters have signed up for an eating contest being bid as the healthiest "in the history of the world." The "Kale Yeah!" championship presented by the Independent Health Foundation's Healthy Options program will take place at the Taste of Buffalo food festival in New... More »

Woman Eats 13 Pounds of Steak, Sets Record

Molly Schuyler wins Big Texan Steak Ranch contest again

(Newser) - How long would it take you to wolf down three 72-ounce steaks, each with a shrimp cocktail, roll, side salad, and baked potato? If you said more than 20 minutes, you'd lose a face-stuffing contest in Amarillo, Texas—to a 124-pound woman, CNN reports. Yep, Molly Schuyler, 35-year-old mother... More »

Pro Eaters' Stomachs Work Differently

Researcher scans digestive tracts in action

(Newser) - Competitive eaters aren't just good at stuffing their faces: Their digestive systems actually function differently from everyone else's. A researcher at the University of Pennsylvania compared the eating habits of a leading competitive eater and a man who weighed 45 pounds more than the champion did. He scanned... More »

New Record: Kobayashi Scarfs 337 Chicken Wings

In just half an hour

(Newser) - Competitive eating legend Takeru Kobayashi wolfed down 337 chicken wings in half an hour today in Philadelphia, shattering the previous record of 255, set just last year. Some 20,000 spectators turned up for Wing Bowl XX, and Kobayashi took home a $20,000 cash prize, the AP reports. It... More »

'Black Widow' Scarfs 181 Wings to Win Contest

That was just 'an appetizer,' she quips

(Newser) - Sonya Thomas is no chicken when it comes to wings. She managed to wolf down 181 chicken wings—4.9 pounds—in a mere 12 minutes to break the record and win a Buffalo, NY, eating contest. Thomas, 43, of Virginia, went neck and neck with Joey Chestnut, billed as... More »

Kobayashi Arrested After Chestnut Wins Hot Dog Contest

Joey Chestnut repeats as Nathan's champion

(Newser) - Joey Chestnut won the Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest today at Coney Island but had to share the spotlight with archrival Takeru Kobayashi, who did not compete and was arrested for trespassing at the end of the event, reports the New York Post . Chestnut gobbled "only" 54 dogs... More »

Hot Dog Champ May Skip Nathan's Chow Down

'Tiger Woods of eating' can't swallow contract

(Newser) - Six-time champion Takeru Kobayashi is unlikely to be chowing down with the world's best at this year's Nathan's hot dog-eating contest. Major League Eating president says contract negotiations with the 128-pound Japanese eating machine are "at an impasse," although he hinted that Kobayashi may be ducking out after... More »

Size Zero Mom Trounces Big Boys in Eating Competition

Juliet Lee swears she never practices

(Newser) - Juliet Lee only eats one meal a day—but sometimes it’s a really big meal. The 44-year-old, who weights in at 100 pounds, is the 11th ranked competitive eater in the world, but she swears she never practices. The talent comes entirely from her one-meal-a-day habit. “It’s... More »

Nathan's Champ Scarfs 68 Dogs to Defend Title

Joey Chestnut retains his belt in Nathan's annual contest

(Newser) - Champion eater Joey Chestnut pulled off a three-peat by downing 68 hot dogs in Nathan's Coney Island contest yesterday, the New York Daily News reports. Chestnut's rival Takeru Kobayashi consumed a mere 64 franks in the annual faceoff. There was little suspense during the 10-minute bout, as Chestnut developed a... More »

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