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NYC Prep Star Goofs With Swastika

Father says: "He meant no offense."

(Newser) - Internet photos of NYC Prep star Sebastian Oppenheim and a buddy joking with a black-tape Hitler mustache and swastikas have landed the 16-year-old on the New York Post's Page Six. Sebastian's father said his partly-Jewish son was mimicking the movie "Inglourious Basterds" and didn't mean to convey any hateful... More »

NYC Prep Paints Sad Picture of City's Excess

Parents, schools angry at 'manipulative' show

(Newser) - Post-crash New York City has become a symbol of spiritual emptiness, writes Vanessa Grigoriadis for New York magazine. NYC Prep is the latest reality show to exploit this symbolism, allowing the rest of America to watch Manhattan’s lost souls—this time, teenagers—pursue decadence and social standing. In the... More »

2 Stories