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Casey Kasem's Kids Have a Plan: Armed Guards

Kerri Kasem thinks they may be necessary to get him away from wife

(Newser) - Casey Kasem's kids are still trying to wrest the ailing 82-year-old away from his wife, Jean , whom they've been battling for months, and their latest plan sounds pretty intense. A legal source tells the New York Daily News that lawyers for Casey Kasem and his daughter, Kerri, who... More »

Casey Kasem Hangs Up His Headphones

Legendary DJ, voice of Scooby-Doo counted down hits for 39 years

(Newser) - Casey Kasem counted down the week's hit songs on his radio show this weekend, then quietly dropped a bomb: He's through, effective immediately. Kasem, 77, introduced the countdown format, peppering his shows—"American Top 40," now hosted by Ryan Seacrest, was his signature achievement—with factoids,... More »

2 Stories