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Private Investigator Busted for Using Trump's SSN

Jordan Hamlett is facing five years in prison after trying to get the president's tax info

(Newser) - A Louisiana private investigator pleaded guilty on Monday to misusing Donald Trump's Social Security number in repeated attempts to access the president's federal tax information before his election last year. Jordan Hamlett, 32, faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine following... More »

He Died in 1972, Turned Up Alive and Well on

Police investigating identity theft case in Pennsylvania

(Newser) - In 1996, prosecutors say a young man escaped a halfway house in Texas, went to a cemetery, picked the name of a person born close to his birth date, tracked down that person's birth certificate, and began a second life as Nathan Laskoski. The ruse worked spectacularly for two... More »

Jeb Bush Posts SS Numbers of 12K Floridians

Former governor made up to 330K emails public in the name of 'transparency'

(Newser) - It hasn't been a good week for the man who calls himself the "eGovernor." First former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush accepted the resignation of PAC CTO Ethan Czahor after a series of offensive tweets by Czahor were uncovered. Now he's under fire for revealing personal info—... More »

Using Social Security Numbers as ID Is a Bad Idea

They're too easy to steal

(Newser) - Chances are, your Social Security number is out there in wide circulation—everyone from the cable company to the bank to the doctor seems to require it. But as CNN reports, these numbers are hardly secure, with 6.5 million stolen this year alone. "This raises an important question,... More »

Judge to Man: You're Still Legally Dead

Ohio man skipped town more than 20 years ago

(Newser) - Donald Miller remains legally dead, even though he showed up in court and tried to persuade a judge otherwise. As you can guess, there's a long story here: The Ohio man admits to leaving his hometown more than 20 years ago, a jobless alcoholic, and finding work in Atlanta... More »

IRS Posted 100K Social Security Numbers Online: Watchdog

They belonged to tax-exempt political groups' donors

(Newser) - As if the IRS didn't have enough on its plate . Now, the agency has accidentally posted thousands of Social Security numbers—perhaps 100,000, according to one observer—on a federal website. The IRS confirmed the story, initially spotted by Public.Resource.Org . The IDs were posted on a... More »

US Troops Have Another Battle: Identity Theft

Pentagon too casual with Social Security numbers, says report

(Newser) - Military service members—particularly those serving in Iraq and Afghanistan—are vulnerable to identity theft because the Pentagon tosses around their Social Security numbers too casually, says a study written by a West Point professor and highlighted in the New York Times . Though the culture is changing, service members have... More »

Birthers Return to Obama's Social Security Number

As Hawaii tells them 'enough already' on his birth certificate

(Newser) - Busy, busy day in birther news: First came the Hawaii law making it legal for state employees to refuse repetitive quests for President Obama's birth certificate. ( AP has more details.) Then Mediaite takes note of an old-but-new-again angle that soared up the Google trends list today—questioning the... More »

Social Security Numbers Guessable From Public Data

Available birth info can ease identity theft

(Newser) - Social Security numbers can be predicted, making them unfit to be “authentication devices” amid increasing worry over identity theft, researchers warn the Washington Post. Knowing a person’s birthday and birthplace can point the way to the first five digits, a study finds. “If they are predictable from... More »

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