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Now in Question: O'Reilly's LA Riots Stories

'Bombardment' was single brick, 'Inside Edition' crew says

(Newser) - For the third day in a row, there's a new question mark over Bill O'Reilly's record, this time involving his reporting from the LA riots. O'Reilly has repeatedly claimed that he came under a "bombardment" of bricks and stones while covering the 1992 riots, but... More »

Why We Love to Hate Jon+Kate

No one actually cares about the Gosselins—we just love to feel better than them

(Newser) - Why does everyone care so much about Jon and Kate Gosselin? They don’t, says Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville. The reality show trainwreck is popular because they let "all of us to have a sense of superiority,” Norville tells the New York Daily News. “We can... More »

Your Guide to Today's Jacko Media Orgy

Let the 'freak show' begin

(Newser) - Surprisingly, the elephants entering Staples Center this morning aren’t there for the “Michael Jackson Memorial Orgy of Excess”—but for the circus, opening tomorrow. “That seems completely appropriate,” writes Lisa de Moraes for the Washington Post. As for today’s “freak show,” 16... More »

3 Stories