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Finally, a Hospital Gown That Covers Your ...

Fashion designer makes modest and 'fabulous' garment for England

(Newser) - A fashion designer has completed a noble project for England’s National Health Service by building a better—and less revealing—hospital gown. The “aspirational” garment will debut in 2011 and features modest “entrance points” instead of an open back. Ben de Lisi clearly understood the problem. “... More »

Who Killed Dignity? Ask Sanford, Jacko, Palin ...

Today's celebs would make George Washington blush

(Newser) - Carrying himself with honor and restraint was of utmost importance to George Washington and Americans for generations afterward—but for today’s public figures, the premium on dignity has faded, says David Brooks in the New York Times. Washington’s conduct “during times of temptation” made him “a... More »

2 Stories