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Google's New Chromebook Is a Joke

Pundits can't believe the $1.3K price tag

(Newser) - Google unveiled its new touchscreen Chromebook yesterday, and it was not what anyone was expecting. Until now, Google's Chromebooks have been exceedingly cheap, but the Chromebook Pixel will cost a whopping $1,300—for a computer that can only run web apps. Here's what pundits are saying:
  • "
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Angry Birds Launches on the Web

Now you can feed your addiction without your phone

(Newser) - You no longer need a smartphone to shoot furious fowl at evil swine: As its international popularity continues to soar, Angry Birds is taking off on the Web. Maker Rovio has teamed with Google for a beta version of the game, which was developed for Google’s Chrome OS and... More »

Google Unveils 'Chromebooks'

New laptops go on sale in June, priced from $349 to $499

(Newser) - The first laptops running Google’s Chrome OS will hit in June, the company announced yesterday, in an announcement it’s spent two years building up to. The first models will be manufactured by Acer and Samsung and priced $349 to $499, the Wall Street Journal reports. Google won’t... More »

Google: Chrome Laptops Yours, for Just $20 a Month long as you're a student. They'll be leased to them first

(Newser) - Google will reportedly announce plans today to lease laptops sporting its Chrome OS to college students for just $20 a month. This “student package” will include both the laptop and a suite of online software services, a senior executive tells Forbes —and he indicates that the program is... More »

Google Releases New Chrome OS Laptop

...To the lucky few in its 'pilot program'

(Newser) - Google is giving out free laptops—but good luck getting one. The search giant unveiled its new Chrome OS yesterday, but announced that the public wouldn’t be able to buy netbooks sporting it until the middle of next year, eWeek reports. But in the meantime, Google is running a... More »

Google to Employees: Stop Using Windows

Ubiquitous OS seen as security risk

(Newser) - Google has had it with Windows. Ever since the company's Chinese operations were hacked in January, it's been trying to tighten up security, and the Microsoft OS is the first casualty, workers tell the Financial Times . “We're not doing any more Windows,” said one, “It's a security... More »

Google Chrome Spells Doom for Apple

Look to browser wars for lesson in path to niche irrelevance

(Newser) - Apple doesn't seem to realize it, but its new hardware-software gadget strategy is a road right back to the irrelevancy it so recently crawled out of, argues Henry Blodget of Business Insider . As before, Apple will prevail only in the small, premium market, muscled out by a more ubiquitous standard.... More »

Apple vs. Google: The Next Battles

Microsoft who? These guys are the new rivals

(Newser) - Remember those simple bygone days when Google and Apple were friends, united by their common archrival Microsoft? Yeah, those days are gone. This year the two companies declared war. Google released the Nexus One, and Apple released iAd, each a direct assault on the other company’s core business. And... More »

Google CEO Leaves Apple Board

Once-friendly companies on the brink of war

(Newser) - Google CEO Eric Schmidt has left Apple’s board of directors because the once-friendly companies are on a collision course, Apple announced today. “As Google enters more of Apple’s core business, with Android and now Chrome OS, Eric’s effectiveness as an Apple Board member will be significantly... More »

Why Google's OS Won't Beat Microsoft

Windows 7, open-source competition hold Chrome OS back

(Newser) - Microsoft needn’t stress about Google’s planned operating system, writes Joseph Tartakoff for paidContent. Five reasons why:
  • Windows 7 will put Microsoft on firmer ground, having won great reviews so far—and it will have been out 9 months by the time Chrome OS appears.
  • Google’s not the
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With New OS, Google Looks More Like a Monopoly

(Newser) - Google’s latest project, a Web-based lightweight OS to rival Windows, sounds pretty cool at first. “But that’s why you should be worried,” writes David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times. The search giant has simply become too powerful for comfort. “Google accounts for an ungodly... More »

Google Launches Web-Based OS, Takes Aim at Windows

Fast-booting Chrome may push Vista out of the market

(Newser) - Google has doubled down in its battle with Microsoft. The search giant announced it is bringing out an open-source operating system, named Google Chrome OS, that looks to go head-to-head with long-dominant Windows. Chrome OS is Google's biggest push yet onto traditional Microsoft turf, reports the Financial Times, following free... More »

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