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Shakespeare Begs for Refugees' Mercy in Own Hand

Handwritten script by the Bard about to go online, thanks to British Library

(Newser) - A script reworked by none other than William Shakespeare and believed to be the only surviving handwritten play script penned by the Bard will soon be online via the British Library, and it speaks to a quite contemporary crisis, the Guardian reports. A scene by Shakespeare added to The Book ... More »

Hollywood Eyes Hillary Movie

Screenplay about a young Rodham gathers buzz

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton might be leaving the State Department just in time to start guessing who gets to play her in a movie: A screenplay making the rounds in Hollywood, titled simply Rodham, follows the exploits of a 20-something Hillary Rodham as she balances the pressures of her job (working to... More »

Writer Leaves Script for Agent—and Cops Blow It Up

Writer left briefcase at talent agency

(Newser) - Rejections are a fact of life for aspiring screenwriters. Rejections involving explosives, not so much. Beverly Hills cops blew up a briefcase containing a writer's script after a talent agent refused to read it, AP reports. The writer, who had been pestering the agency to read his script, left... More »

Final John Hughes Script May See Big Screen

Rumor gives Paramount inside track for 'Grisbys Go Broke'

(Newser) - John Hughes died last year—last night's Academy Awards even paused for a tribute—but he may have one more movie in him. Rumor has it that Paramount will pick up an unproduced Hughes script in the hopes of making a family comedy, according to the Hollywood Reporter . Grisbys Go ... More »

Want Shakespeare-Style Lebowski? You're in Luck

Retelling of Coen brothers cult classic has 'Knave,' not Dude

(Newser) - If “the Dude abides” isn’t Shakespearean enough for you, a young filmmaker has just the thing: Two Gentleman of Lebowski, a script that retells The Big Lebowski in a Bard-like fashion. So, instead of Walter saying the John Turturro character Jesus “served 6 months in Chino for... More »

Script Slip Allows Peek at Sex and the City 2

Page carried by Kim Cattrall photographed

(Newser) - The stars of Sex and the City 2 aren't the only things being ambushed: The Mirror managed to zoom in on a page from the script Kim Cattrall was carrying in New York, MSNBC reports, and it looks like Samantha Jones' ex, Smith Jerrod, might be back, at least in... More »

'Angry, Aggressive' Lesbian Sex on Tap for Portman

(Newser) - After one look at the script for Natalie Portman’s next project, Black Swan “is already on the must-see list of 2010,” Carson Reeves blogs for ScriptShadow. Why? “Ecstasy-induced hungry aggressive angry sex” with fellow hottie Mila Kunis, that’s why. Darren Aronofsky, of The Wrestler, directs,... More »

Writing Porn Is Easy, But the Pay Stinks

(Newser) - In many ways, the life of a porn screenwriter is a breeze compared to Hollywood, Christopher Beam writes for Slate. “Your average 90-minute porn film will have between five and seven sex scenes,” he explains. “At five to 10 minutes each, that leaves only about a half-hour... More »

8 Stories