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Museum: We've Found Possible Site of Jesus' Trial

The Tower of David in Jerusalem offers tours, too

(Newser) - Curious to see the possible site of Jesus' trial? The Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem has begun offering tours to the suspected remains of Herod's palace, where some say Jesus was tried and sentenced to death, the Washington Post reports. "There is, of course, no inscription stating... More »

Zulu King Demands $700K for Sixth Wife's Palace

$6.9M already budgeted for Zulu royal family this year

(Newser) - Wives aren't cheap, especially when you've got six of them. South Africa's Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini is demanding the government cough up $700,000 for a palace for his sixth and youngest wife, Queen Mafu, who first stepped out with the king at the age of 14... More »

Russian Leaders' Palaces Spark Fury

Secret luxury digs exposed

(Newser) - Almost a century after Tsar Nicholas II was overthrown, Russians are once again grumbling about their leaders' palaces. The Russian regime doesn't provide information on leaders' residences, but Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and President Dmitry Medvedev are believed to have at least two dozen palaces, villas, and mansions between them,... More »

Paris Wants James Bond to Brawl in Versailles

French dream up grand canal duel, helicopter rescue

(Newser) - A rowing duel in a canal and rooftop escape by helicopter—sounds like James Bond, but does it sound like Louis XIV? A team of French civil servants is pushing to bring Britain's most famous spy to Paris, and have written a storyline that puts .007 inside the Palace of... More »

German Neo-Nazis Buy 'Training Center' Palace

Far-right property purchase worries authorities

(Newser) - German authorities fear that a crumbling palace in the eastern part of the nation may soon emerge as a training center for a new generation of Nazis. The 300-year old Trebnitz Castle was bought at a recent auction by a pair of prominent far-right leaders, one of whom was a... More »

Nice Trip, Now Get Back to Work, Mr. President

(Newser) - President Obama got his usual hero's welcome overseas, but this trip seemed "jarring and discordant" back in the US, writes Cynthia Tucker in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Our economic news keeps getting worse by the day, yet at summit after summit, “photos of the Obamas in resplendent, gold-bedecked palaces... More »

6 Stories