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Hormone-Based Birth Control Linked to a Dark Side Effect

Women on hormonal contraception more likely to be prescribed an antidepressant: study

(Newser) - Anyone who's struggled with mood swings while on hormonal birth control may not be surprised to hear that a new study suggests using such birth control could increase the risk of depression. Researchers from the University of Copenhagen looked at more than a million women ages 15 to 34,... More »

Ariz. Doctors Forced to Say Abortions May Be Reversed

Gov. Doug Ducey signs law critics say is based on quackery

(Newser) - Women seeking abortions in Arizona will be hearing new advice from their physicians. Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law this week a mandate that doctors must tell patients that abortions performed using drugs may be reversible, the New York Times reports. The news has met with outcry from medical community... More »

For HIV, Women the Weaker Sex

Hormone leads to higher immune activity, faster progression

(Newser) - Women may be the weaker sex when it comes to HIV. The virus progresses faster in women, and a new study published in Nature Medicine finds that may be due to the hormone progesterone, the BBC reports. The research team is continuing work on the findings to see if they... More »

3 Stories