American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

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Stewart Mocks Biden's 'Summer of Recovery'

'Summer of bedbugs' might have been more accurate

(Newser) - America had a summer of bedbugs and mosque controversy instead of the "summer of recovery" Joe Biden promised, complains Jon Stewart. The Daily Show host, pointing to dismal jobs numbers and the sagging stock market, says "summer of recovery" is about as accurate as calling last summer the... More »

Overlooked Part of the Stimulus: A Green Revolution

Joe Biden: 'Now the fun stuff starts'

(Newser) - President Obama's stimulus package has so far been debated in narrow terms of how many jobs it may or may not have saved or created, writes Michael Grunwald in Time. Lost in the rhetoric are the many profound and long-term ways it can change America—first and foremost in creating... More »

1 Year In, Stimulus Has Saved 2M Jobs

Critics who say it's failed are off base: David Leonhardt

(Newser) - It may not “yet feel like much of a recovery” to jobless Americans, President Obama concedes, but it’s thanks to the massive economic stimulus package passed a year ago “that a second depression is no longer a possibility.” Obama celebrated the anniversary of the recovery act... More »

Education Cuts Will Stunt Economy

Congress needs to get states cash to keep universities healthy

(Newser) - Education has been the most important component of America's economic success over the past 150 years, writes Paul Krugman—that is public education. But after 30 years of Reaganite opposition to public spending, we've seen a "slow-motion erosion" of America's educational standing, until what we think is the "... More »

Why Stimulus Gets a Bad Rap

(Newser) - The Democrats’ $787 billion stimulus package is less popular than ever—even though it’s already working, writes David Wessel for the Wall Street Journal. The case against it is weak: Fed rate cuts hadn’t slowed the recession, already a year-old at that point, making the stimulus an appropriate... More »

Biden: Recovery Act Is Working

Critics attacking 'pet programs' have 'misconstrued' the effort

(Newser) - Those who dismiss the Recovery Act as “being spent on pet programs” are wrong, writes the man tasked with administering it. Writing in a New York Times op-ed, VP Joe Biden contends that the stimulus has “brought us back from the precipice.” Two-thirds of it “goes... More »

This Sign Is Wasting Your Money—and Killing People

(Newser) - The federal government has mandated that every road project funded by stimulus money proudly tout the association with road signs, and that really steams Tait Trussell. The signs, “designed to meticulous federally dictated standards,” go for about $1,000, Trussell writes on Front Page. “So, publicizing thousands... More »

7 Stories