Durango, Colo.

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Guy Takes Coffee Grinder, Adds Fireworks, Gets BANG!

...and it did not end well

(Newser) - A do-it-yourself fireworks experiment resulted in an explosive Fourth for a Colorado man: Seems Sean Ogden, 19, was looking to combine his small fireworks into larger ones, so he obviously decided that mixing them together in a coffee grinder would do the trick. He did get a bigger boom, when... More »

Top Towns to Raise Outdoorsy Kids

(Newser) - Backpacker combed through info on outdoor programs and proximity to national forests and parks to find the best cities in the US to raise active, crunchy kids. The results:
  • Boulder, Colo.: "Yes, we live here, but Boulder wins on its merits." Close to woods, glaciers, and mountains,
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2 Stories