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Leaning Tower of Pisa's Lean Has Changed

Pisa's landmark still holding strong after 800 years

(Newser) - No need to rush to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa before it falls. The famous Italian tower is doing just fine more than 800 years after it first started tilting during construction, according to a group that's been monitoring the 190-foot Tuscan monument since 2001. It's in... More »

Actor Declared Dead After Noose Scene

Family members don't believe it was suicide

(Newser) - An Italian actor has been declared dead after a hanging scene apparently went horribly wrong. Raphael Schumacher, 27, was taking part in a live theater performance of "Mirages" at the Teatro Lux in Pisa, Italy, last Saturday when a spectator found him unconscious. The Washington Post reports the play... More »

Novel Bouquet Toss Brings Down Plane in Italy

(Newser) - A wedding bouquet in Italy failed to predict the next bride-to-be, but it did succeed in downing a small plane, the Guardian reports. Hoping to spice up the proceedings, the wedding party entrusted the bouquet to a man who flew overhead in an ultra-light aircraft. When he attempted to cast... More »

3 Stories