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11 Celebs Attending College This Fall

Emma Watson, Hannah Dakota Fanning among the studious

(Newser) - Celebrities may like guns and have weird addictions , but they enjoy speaking in full sentences too. So let's salute those who are heading to college this fall (and not include James Franco, for once, if possible). From the Huffington Post :
  • Hannah Dakota Fanning: The actor seen in The Twilight
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UK Bans 'Too Perfect' Julia Roberts L'Oreal Ad

Over-airbrushed Roberts—and Turlington—ads yanked

(Newser) - Julia Roberts looks like she hasn't aged a day in her new makeup ad. Now British advertising authorities have told L'Oreal it went too far touching up Roberts'—and Christy Turlington's—face. The cosmetics firm was ordered to pull two overly airbushed magazine ads featuring the... More »

World's Most Valuable Models

From Gisele, Kate, and Adriana to some you've never heard of

(Newser) - Even supermodels are making less money these days. The Daily Beast came up with a formula to determine which are the most valuable, based on everything from runway work (weighed 10%) to cover appearances (10%) to income from contracts (40%):
  1. Gisele Bündchen: She no longer walks the runway, but
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Turlington Models a More Charitable Path

At 40, she's earning a master's and educating the world on maternity risks

(Newser) - Christy Turlington still considers modeling her work—“It’s the only thing that pays me; everything else is school or volunteerism,” the Columbia masters candidate, often described as one of the world’s most beautiful people, tells Vogue. “My face is a dime a dozen in many... More »

4 Stories