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'Earth Hour' Is a Joke

We need real green solutions, not just 'feel-good' movements: Bjorn Lomborg

(Newser) - This Saturday night, environmental activists are calling on the world to dim the lights for “Earth Hour”—a nice idea, but one that may actually be counterproductive. Look at it this way: "If everyone in the world participated in this year's Earth Hour, the result would be... More »

Top Climate Skeptic Does an About-Face

Lomborg suddenly wants to toss $100B a year at global warming

(Newser) - Bjørn Lomborg is not a popular guy in the halls of climate science—the UN’s climate chief once compared him to Adolf Hitler. But the self-proclaimed “skeptical environmentalist” has suddenly jumped aboard the bandwagon, the Guardian reports. In his new book, the Danish economist says that climate... More »

Gore's Climate Crusade Misguided, Wasteful

(Newser) - Global warming is real, but Al Gore’s crusade to curb carbon emissions is misguided and will squander money that could be applied cheaply and efficiently to those problems now, Danish statistician Bjørn Lomborg writes in Esquire. “Here’s the truth: There are better, more cost-effective ways to... More »

3 Stories