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Venezuela Declares Fridays Are Holidays

At least for a while, to save money on energy

(Newser) - In the US workplace, we have "casual" Fridays; in Venezuela, they now have "don't bother coming in" Fridays. President Nicolas Maduro announced that Fridays for the next 60 days will be official state holidays to save energy in a country that's been plagued by blackouts and... More »

Rebecca Black: See Ya Later, Haters

She's back, in new video for 'This Is My Moment'

(Newser) - You can't keep a bad singer down. Rebecca Black, the brunette America has loved to hate since she released "Friday" , is taking out her revenge in a new video for "This Is My Moment." "Were you the one who said I'd be nuthin'?... More »

Why You Can't See Rebecca Black's Friday Video

She and recording studio disagree over who owns what

(Newser) - It's Friday, Friday, gotta take down Friday on Friday. Just when you thought you'd heard the last of YouTube sensation Rebecca Black, the singer (add your own quotes around that word if you like) is again in the spotlight—this time for taking down the YouTube video that... More »

Stephen Colbert Loses Bet, Sings 'Friday'

Jimmy Fallon and Taylor Hicks help out

(Newser) - PopEater is pretty sure he does it better than Rebecca Black herself, but we'll let you decide. Stephen Colbert sang her hit Friday on Jimmy Fallon's show last night after losing a charity bet . He even got a little help from American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. More »

Did 'Friday' Really Make Rebecca Black a Millionaire?

Forbes was wrong about the singer's payday, writes Annie Lowrey

(Newser) - Thanks to a song that’s inspired unrestrained hatred, Rebecca Black has been proclaimed a millionaire by no less an authority than Forbes —but that’s unlikely, writes Annie Lowrey in Slate after a quick analysis. For one thing, "Friday" has sold 30,000 copies, Billboard says; Forbes... More »

Rebecca Black Proves New Rules of Fame

Meghan Daum: To be really popular, you have to be really unpopular

(Newser) - With Friday, 13-year-old Rebecca Black has a top 20 song on iTunes and a video that’s reached 35 million views—but what she’s most noted for is widespread derision. “We don't hate you because you're famous. You're famous because we hate you,” reads one of the... More »

Mousavi Will Attend Public Services Friday

(Newser) - Iranian opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi vowed not to let the blood of protesters killed in postelection crackdown go in vain as he met with the family of a young man shot to death during the turmoil, a reformist Web site reported today. He also announced that he will attend... More »

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