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Smartphones Become Essential Tools for Shoppers

Retailers scramble to establish presence in mobile marketplace

(Newser) - Today's Black Friday finds about 1 in 5 shoppers—double that for the 18-to-29 age set— using a smartphone to track bargains and compare prices. While the number of those who actually buy using a mobile device is relatively small—at $750 million, such transactions account for only .5% of... More »

Microsoft Ad Campaign Gets Under Apple's Skin

Laptop-browsing spot may be boosting Microsoft's 'value perception'

(Newser) - Apple demanded Microsoft ditch TV ads featuring shoppers mulling the relative value of PCs and Macs, CNET reports. In the ads, which Microsoft’s chief operating officer calls “completely unscripted,” shoppers get to keep money they save by choosing a PC over a Mac. “We got a... More »

2 Stories