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Capitol Gunman May Have Had a Pellet Gun

Larry Russell Dawson charged with assault

(Newser) - Officials confirm the man accused of pulling a weapon only to be shot by US Capitol police at the Capitol Visitor Center on Monday is Larry Russell Dawson, a minister from Antioch, Tenn., who is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a police officer while armed,... More »

Pressure Cooker in Car Near Capitol Destroyed

Car's owner found, arrested

(Newser) - A bomb squad safely destroyed a pressure cooker found in an unattended vehicle parked on the National Mall near the US Capitol and the vehicle's owner was found and arrested, a US Capitol Police spokeswoman said. Capitol Police officers on routine patrol spotted the parked, unoccupied vehicle on a... More »

Pilot Who Landed at US Capitol Made No Secret of Plans

Doug Hughes said cops probably wouldn't shoot 'mailman in flying bicycle'

(Newser) - At least two people tried to warn the Secret Service about Doug Hughes' plan to land his gyrocopter on the lawn of the US Capitol and deliver 535 letters to members of Congress. A friend of the 61-year-old mailman left a message with a Secret Service agent because "my... More »

Protest Flight: Guy Lands Small Copter at Capitol

Florida postal carrier was reportedly protesting campaign finance laws

(Newser) - A pilot has been taken into custody after landing a small copter on the lawn at the US Capitol today, reports CNN . Capitol Police confirm that a "gyro copter with a single occupant" landed of the pilot's own accord—though most definitely without permission to fly in restricted... More »

DC Driver's Sister: She 'Didn't Deserve to Die'

Focus turns to police response in Capitol

(Newser) - The focus in the aftermath of this week's deadly car chase in DC is shifting from the search for a motive—it's becoming clear that driver Miriam Carey had mental health problems and suffered from delusions —to a debate over authorities' use of force. "Deadly force... More »

Elite Cops Were Held Back From Navy Yard: Reports

Capitol Police chief orders investigation

(Newser) - As a gunman was shooting up the Navy Yard, an elite police team stationed "less than 30 seconds from the gate" was ready to provide help—but a commander "wouldn't let them go in and stop people from being slaughtered," an officer tells WUSA9 . While hundreds... More »

Capitol Police, FBI Investigate Threats to Akin

Congressman and family under fire after his rape comments

(Newser) - Capitol Police and the FBI are looking into threats made against Missouri Congressman Todd Akin—and his family—in the wake of his "legitimate rape" comments, reports KSDK-TV . A police spokesperson says there is "an active, open investigation," though she declined to give details, reports AP . An... More »

Capitol Cops Steaming About Shorts Ban

Officers at the Capitol building say pants hold them back

(Newser) - Apparently, cops aren't above the law when it comes to crimes of fashion. Officers assigned to the Capitol are upset with a top brass decision to ban them from wearing shorts. Union reps say the decision was made because cops carrying automatic rifles don't look imposing in shorts,... More »

Congressional Death Threats Up 300%: FBI

Most suspects are men with guns, many mentally disturbed

(Newser) - Death threats against members of Congress are up 300% this year, the FBI tells Politico , and almost everyone doing the threatening owns guns. Capitol Police say they've had to dramatically step up security efforts, which were also boosted in 2009. “We have about 12 open cases at any given... More »

Hill Aide Threatens Pesky War Widow With Jail

(Newser) - An apparently harried congressional aide picked the wrong woman to threaten with police action, Fox News reports. Marianne Stringer, widow of a Vietnam veteran, was petitioning congressmen to oppose a decrease in benefits for veterans’ spouses. When she politely emailed the office of a reticent lawmaker, the aide shot back... More »

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