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Bali Bombing Mastermind Killed in Java Raid

This time, it's really him—they have fingerprints to prove it

(Newser) - Indonesian police say they’ve killed their most-wanted terrorist, Noordin Muhamed Top, and this time, they’re really sure. The last time they declared Noordin dead, after an August raid in Central Java, they later admitted he had actually escaped. But this time they say they’ve done a fingerprint... More »

Asian Terror Kingpin Killed

(Newser) - Indonesian security forces have confirmed the death of the country's most wanted terrorist, ABC reports. Noordin Top, believed to have masterminded every terror attack in the country since 2002, including that year's Bali bombings and last month's Jakarta hotel bombings, was found dead after a 17-hour standoff and gun battle... More »

Mastermind of Bali Attacks Suspected in Jakarta Blasts

(Newser) - Indonesian officials are fairly certain the wanted terrorist who masterminded the 2002 and 2005 Bali bombings is also responsible for yesterday's attacks in Jakarta, the BBC reports. There are “strong indications” that Noordin Mohamed Top—a financier for al Qaeda-linked terror group Jemaah Islamiah who is thought to have... More »

Jakarta Bombings Blamed on Resurgent Terror Group

(Newser) - Today's terror attack in Jakarta appears to be the work of a group Indonesia thought it had put out of business years ago, experts tell ABC News. The twin attacks on luxury hotels that killed 8 people and injured at least 50 are being blamed on Jemayah Islamiyah, a group... More »

4 Stories