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Many Still Can't Enroll on Health Site: Insurers

Insurers still in dark about some who've enrolled

(Newser) - Many of HealthCare.gov's well chronicled problems have reportedly been fixed , but that doesn't mean it's ready for prime time, insurers say. The site's ability to send consumer data to insurance companies remains flawed, and "until the enrollment process is working from end to end,... More »

Dour Industry Report Backfires

Dems, GOP alike have hard time believing Hail Mary predicting higher costs

(Newser) - The health insurance industry report presented yesterday that predicts the reform bill will do little to stop rising costs appears to have backfired. Dems are up in arms at the timing and content of the “misleading and harmful” attack from their erstwhile ally in the effort. Sen. Jay Rockefeller... More »

10 Who Can Make or Break Health Reform

Who to watch as debate rages on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - As health care talk heats up in Washington, Mark Halperin of Time lists the key players to watch:
  • Sen. Max Baucus is trying to wring out as much GOP support as possible on his finance panel.
  • White House health czar Nancy-Ann DeParle has been winning concessions from the health care
... More »

3 Stories