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Perry: I'll Send Bureaucrats to a 'God-Awful Place'

He says it would be his way or the highway

(Newser) - Watch out federal workers: If you don’t agree with his small-government views, President Rick Perry would send you to someplace like Siberia. At a campaign event in New Hampshire today, Perry vowed to fill the government with “individuals that understand my core philosophy that government should do a... More »

LA Suburb Officials Hit With Corruption Charges

8 made Bell coffers 'their piggy bank': DA

(Newser) - Eight well-paid current and former officials of the city of Bell, Calif. , were rounded up and hit with a slew of corruption charges today, the LA Times reports. Among the eight were Michael Rizzo, the former city manager whose salary was nearly $800,000, and several council members who were... More »

$1.6M City Hall Salaries Spark Poor LA Suburb Revolt

$800K city manager resigns after protest

(Newser) - California Attorney General Jerry Brown has ordered an investigation to determine how three city administrators managed to collect $1.6 million in salaries in the working-class Los Angeles suburb of Bell. Revelation of the salaries sparked a massive protest among residents earlier this week, and triggered the resignation of the... More »

Top Lefty-Friendly Counties

Surprise: San Francisco tops list

(Newser) - After compiling its list of the most conservative-friendly counties in the US, the right-leaning Daily Caller now brings it with the top counties for liberals:
  • San Francisco. With liberals, unions and gays, “surprise, surprise,” Chris Palko writes.
  • Montgomery County, Md. This DC suburb is rich, educated, and home
... More »

Mr. President, Stop Picking On 'Bureaucrats'

What happened to making government 'cool' again?

(Newser) - In his admirable quest to make government work for the people, President Obama has stooped to the lowest common denominator and vilified “bureaucrats,” writes Max Stier in the Washington Post. A typical shot from the president recently: “I don't want government bureaucrats meddling in your health care.... More »

In China, Binge Drinking Is All in a Day's Work

(Newser) - Getting wasted is all part of the job for many Chinese bureaucrats, and it's becoming such a serious problem that it has led to illness and death, reports Reuters. Government officials are required to offer large amounts of alcohol at public functions and drink frequent toasts to honor guests. "... More »

6 Stories