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For the Obese, Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

The obese see distances as at least 10% greater than those of average weight

(Newser) - The very weight we carry can change our perception of the space around us, reports the Guardian , with obese people seeing distances as being at least 10% greater than those of average weight do, report researchers from Colorado State University Fort Collins. In the journal Acta Psychologica they report that... More »

Jellyfish End Cuba-to-Florida Swim Dream

Chloe McCardel ends marathon swim after 11 hours

(Newser) - An Australian woman had to cut short her Cuba-to-Florida swim attempt yesterday after jellyfish put an end to her effort, reports Australia's ABC . Chloe McCardel, who would have been the first person to swim the 103-mile distance without a shark cage, called it quits after 11 hours and multiple... More »

Two Jellyfish Stings, But Nyad Keeps Swimming

62-year-old reaches halfway point of 103-mile swim

(Newser) - Despite enduring a second jellyfish sting, 62-year-old swimmer Diana Nyad is continuing her 103-mile swim from Cuba to Florida , and has reached the halfway point, reports the AP . Despite getting out of the water last night to receive treatment for the stings, Nyad is still allowed to continue her record... More »

61-Year-Old to Swim From Cuba to Florida

Diana Nyad aims to make up for incomplete 1978 journey

(Newser) - She managed to swim all the way around Manhattan, but when Diana Nyad tried to swim from Cuba to Florida in 1978, she didn’t finish the job. Now, she’s preparing to try again—at age 61, the Washington Post reports. “I have no idea what age I... More »

Sorry, Nike, We Evolved to Run Barefoot: Author

(Newser) - Humans may be built for day-long hunts that could take a pack 100 miles, all without shoes, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. “We didn’t evolve as weight lifters, yoga gurus, or swimmers,” says barefoot runner Christopher McDougall, whose book Born to Run explores the hypothesis. “We evolved... More »

5 Stories