Cambridge, Mass.

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Black Student's Arrest Near Harvard Sparks Outcry

Video of incident involving Selorm Ohene shows him being punched multiple times

(Newser) - Cambridge police are under fire after video surfaced showing officers tackling an unarmed black Harvard student, then punching him multiple times as he was pinned to the ground. Selorm Ohene, a 21-year-old math student, was standing naked on a median in the middle of Massachusetts Ave. around 9pm Friday night;... More »

Meeting of Clinton, Trump Aides Turned Nasty Fast

'You guys are bitter'

(Newser) - The post-election forum at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government has traditionally been a respectful meeting of rival campaign strategists. This year, it's a miracle they didn't start throwing chairs. The forum turned into a shouting match as six Hillary Clinton aides and six Donald Trump aides... More »

Striking Harvard Dining Hall Workers Arrested

9 women charged with disorderly conduct

(Newser) - Nine striking dining hall workers at the world's richest university were arrested Friday after holding a sit-in to demand better wages and health benefits. The workers—who are among 750 food service workers on strike at Harvard—were arrested alongside two union officials after blocking the streets of Harvard... More »

65 Years After Dying in POW Camp, Veteran Comes Home

Thanks to an 11-year effort by his nephew

(Newser) - The remains of a Korean War veteran are back in his Massachusetts hometown 65 years after his death, thanks to his nephew's 11-year effort seeking their return, the AP reports. According to the Boston Globe , the remains of US Army Cpl. Ronald Sparks were flown from Hawaii to Boston'... More »

Bomb Cited in Massachusetts Standoff After MIT Cop Killed

Two men with backpacks battle police; one tackled: report

(Newser) - Police tonight battled two men armed with guns and explosives outside Boston, just hours after an MIT police officer was shot and killed in Cambridge. A witness cited "constant gunfire" during the Watertown standoff with dozens of cops; amid the shooting, the men threw a large bomb toward police... More »

Ben & Jerry's Removes Fortune Cookies From Lin Flavor

Original recipe in honor of Knicks star sparked a 'backlash'

(Newser) - Ben & Jerry's might have been, um, Linsane, to think nobody would be offended. The ice cream company recently released a limited-edition flavor in honor of New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin, but promptly removed the bits of fortune cookies mixed in, reports Pints of "Taste... More »

Reddit Co-Founder Hacked MIT Archives: US

24-year-old faces 35 years in jail, $1M fine

(Newser) - A co-founder of Reddit is charged with hacking into Massachusetts Institute of Technology archives and stealing some 4 million scientific and academic articles. Aaron Swartz, 24, could face 35 years in prison and a million-dollar fine on federal fraud and other charges, the Boston Globe reports. Swartz, who worked at... More »

Smartest Cities in America

Boulder, Durham, DC trump Ivy stronghold Boston

(Newser) - The number-one brainiest city in America is a university town that major science research centers have made home and whose tech-friendly business culture draws start-ups: Boulder, Colo. Writing in the Daily Beast , Richard Florida ranks the country's 20 brainiest metro areas, as determined by things like number of adults with... More »

Northern Lights Head South—for 1 Night

Aurora borealis may be visible in northern US tonight

(Newser) - Thanks to a plasma eruption that roiled the surface of the sun, residents of the northern US and Canada may be able to enjoy a spectacular show tonight—the Northern Lights. "This eruption is directed right at us, and is expected to get here early in the day on... More »

Prof. Gates, Cop Crowley Have Another Round

Pair at center of racial incident spotted at Cambridge bar

(Newser) - The black college professor and the white cop at the center of a racial firestorm this summer, and who later famously had beers on the White House, were spotted last night having a round at a bar in Cambridge, Mass. Henry Louis Gates and Sgt. James Crowley chatted over suds... More »

Now In Child's Old Kitchen, No Meat—or Butter!

Vegetarian occupants hope chef 'is not rolling over in her grave'

(Newser) - The sacrilege! Not only has the kitchen in Julia Child’s former Cambridge home—familiar to millions of devotees of her show—been renovated to within an inch of its life, the Boston Globe reports, its new owners have hung a picture of a cow with the caption: “Nobody... More »

Another Harvard Prof Accuses Police of Racism

(Newser) - Another black member of Harvard's faculty has accused the Cambridge Police Department of racism, the Boston Globe reports. S. Allen Counter, a Harvard Medical School professor, was arrested outside his home in 2006 on assault and battery charges. “I was polite, and yet police lied and said I was... More »

Gates Sends Flowers to 911 Caller

Bouquet, note an 'expression of gratitude' to neighbor

(Newser) - The Cambridge woman whose 911 call sparked a national uproar over racial profiling received flowers and a note from her neighbor, Henry Louis Gates, yesterday, the Boston Herald reports. It was "an expression of gratitude," her lawyer says. Lucia Whalen, who never mentioned race when she called... More »

Beer Summit Is Ho-Hum; Gates, Crowley to Talk Again

(Newser) - Turns out the president was right: the beer summit was pretty boring. In fact, it wasn't even the first time Skip Gates and Officer Crowley had gotten together after the arrest. "Even before we sat down for the beer, I learned that the two gentlemen spent some time together... More »

It's Beer Time at White House

(Newser) - It's happy hour at the White House. President Obama, Joe Biden, Henry Louis Gates Jr., and James Crowley are clinking beer glasses in the White House Rose Garden, but alas, the media isn't invited to listen in. Earlier, the president sought to tamp down expectations, noting that he's "fascinated... More »

Caller in Gates Arrest Didn't Mention Race

Tapes show I'm not a racist, says woman who alerted police

(Newser) - The Massachusetts woman who called 911 on Henry Louis Gates and his chauffeur as they wrestled with the Harvard professor’s front door said today she never mentioned race to Sgt. James Crowley, the officer who arrested Gates. Lucia Whalen’s statement contradicts the police report filed by Crowley, which... More »

Powell: Gates, Cops Both at Fault

Both sides overreacted; people should 'cooperate' with police

(Newser) - Speaking to Larry King about Henry Louis Gates’ arrest, Colin Powell said he’d faced racial profiling “many times,” and suggested both the professor and the police were at fault in the incident, the Huffington Post reports. Gates “should have reflected on whether or not this was... More »

A President, a Prof, and a Cop Walk Into the White House ...

Trio will have that beer Thursday evening

(Newser) - President Obama has set a date for a conciliatory beer with a Cambridge police sergeant and the Harvard professor he arrested, ABC News reports. James Crowley and Henry Louis Gates will visit the White House Thursday for a frosty brew and some racial reconciliation. On the menu, according to CNN,... More »

Cops Release Gates Arrest Tapes

Officer calls for more cars; 911 caller unsure on men's race

(Newser) - In audio from the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr, released today by Cambridge police, the arresting officer tells the dispatcher to “keep the cars coming” as he faces an “uncooperative” suspect, the Boston Herald reports. An earlier tape reveals the 911 call in the case, in which... More »

Obama Regrets 'Acted Stupidly' Jab at Cops

Prez: I could have 'calibrated' remarks on Gates arrest differently

(Newser) - President Obama today backpedaled from his comment that the Massachusetts police who arrested Henry Louis Gates Jr. “acted stupidly,” the New York Times reports. In an unannounced appearance at the daily White House briefing, Obama said he “could have calibrated” his words more carefully in speaking on... More »

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