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Lindsey Graham Has Never Emailed

'You can have every email I've ever sent,' or all zero of them

(Newser) - President Obama had never heard of Hillary Clinton using a non-government-issued email , and Lindsey Graham has apparently never heard of email. As Politico reports, when asked by Chuck Todd this morning as to whether he had a personal email account, the South Carolina Republican with the mystifying Twitter handle and... More »

Luddite: I Wish I Had Embraced Technology

At 33, he feels way behind the world

(Newser) - Aaron Traister cultivated a technology-is-evil image growing up and shunned one advance after another, from video games to beepers to iPods to Facebook. (His was a Betamax family.) Now, at age 33, Traister writes in Salon that he feels woefully behind the rest of the world. He realizes that... More »

Luddites Didn't Hate Technology

They were actually just labor protesters with pizazz

(Newser) - The word “Luddite” is bandied about a lot these days, usually to denote someone steadfastly opposed to the march of technology; it’s “simultaneously a declaration of ineptitude and a badge of honor,” observes Richard Conniff in Smithsonian Magazine . There’s just one problem: the real Luddites... More »

Facebook Refuseniks Still Sorta Use It

They object in principle but end up using it by proxy

(Newser) - The Washington Post today profiles an increasingly rare breed: people in their 20s and 30s who don't use Facebook or other such sites. And though the “refuseniks” interviewed have different rationales—privacy, “morals and beliefs,” being “old-school in the personal touch way,” many share something... More »

Hey, Guys, Keep iPhone Out of the Bedroom

(Newser) - Her boyfriend’s obsession with his iPhone drove Lisa Katayama to lay down some ground rules, she writes for Boing Boing. “Rule #1: It’s not romantic to have an iPhone in the bedroom.” She elaborates: “Brian once said that every time he goes online, he feels... More »

5 Stories