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Study: 'Golden Wolf' Has Been Hiding in Plain Sight

We just thought it was the African golden jackal

(Newser) - Africa, home to the Ethiopian wolf and the gray wolf, can now lay claim to the African golden wolf—the first new species of canid (which also encompasses jackals, foxes, and coyotes) to be discovered in 150 years, reports National Geographic . The new species has long been misunderstood to be... More »

TSA's Favorite Dog Foods

(Newser) - Want your household guardian to perform up to federal standards? Check out the brands the Transportation Security Administration prefers for its bomb-sniffing dogs, via US News & World Report:
  • Hills Science Diet: Including the Adult and Active K9 versions.
  • Canidae: Lamb & Rice formula in particular.
  • California Natural: Choosy feds
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2 Stories