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One of the World's Cutest Animals Resurfaces

But the Ili pika faces threats to its survival

(Newser) - The Ili pika seems almost too cute to be real—but a newly released photo proves it does indeed still exist. Scientist Li Weidong and his team were lucky enough to spot one last July in China's Tianshan Mountains during a search, National Geographic reports. It was the first... More »

Huge Lego Tower Breaks World Record

Budapest swipes honor from the USA

(Newser) - Lego lovers will be stoked by this news: Budapest, Hungary, is now home to a 114-foot-tall Lego tower to rival the city’s most picturesque architecture, CNN reports. The Guinness Book of World Records has put its official stamp on the project, declaring the multi-colored structure—which features a profile... More »

Cops Ticket Speeding Toddler —in Toy Car

The girls' uncle: 'It was a fun moment'

(Newser) - Za'Dariyah Mishaw was driving her white convertible around her condo parking lot enjoying the Florida sunshine when the fuzz decided to step in and show her what it means to be a responsible ... 2-year-old. Officers in the area for a criminal investigation spotted Za'Dariyah "going pretty fast"... More »

Kids Are So Cute ... Until Age 4.5

Adorable 'facial cues' fade at that age: researchers

(Newser) - No one's saying that 5-year-olds can't be adorable—but it appears that they're past their prime, in cuteness terms. Researchers in Canada and China polled adults on the cuteness factor of kids from infancy to 6 years old. Subjects called the younger children cuter, with a big... More »

Help! We're Being Killed by Cuteness

This is what happened to Japan after WWII, and it's terrible

(Newser) - There is an epidemic of cuteness in the country, Jim Windolf writes, symptomatic of our national desire to be loved and taken care of after 8 years of George W. Bush and a much-diminished standing in the world. The signs are everywhere: giggling babies, LOLcats, cupcakes, “cutegasms,” the... More »

Puppy Madness Strikes Times Newsroom

(Newser) - Somewhat unexpectedly, the New York Times has a new feature called "The Puppy Diaries," which today's debut installment describes as being "about the challenges and satisfactions of raising a puppy through its first year of life." Even less expected: The author is managing editor... More »

6 Stories