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Joel Osteen Addresses Harvey Controversy in Sunday Sermon

The prosperity-gospel preacher says he did the right thing

(Newser) - Celebrity televangelist and prosperity-gospel preacher Joel Osteen used his first sermon since the devastation of Hurricane Harvey last week to defend his decision not to open his 16,000-seat Houston mega-church to people seeking shelter during the storm. Osteen received criticism on social media for not opening his massive Lakewood... More »

Tyler Perry Gives Houston $1M, With Some of It for Joel Osteen

A quarter of the money goes to Osteen's church

(Newser) - Tyler Perry is donating $1 million to relief efforts in Texas following Hurricane Harvey, and a full 25% of that amount is going to Joel Osteen's Houston megachurch. Perry announced the donations in a video on Facebook , People reports, and he insisted that though people were upset when the... More »

Joel Osteen Megachurch Is Slammed Over Harvey Actions

Lots of contention over whether Lakewood Church is truly inaccessible

(Newser) - Joel Osteen's Houston megachurch lives up to the "mega" part of its name: It's the former home to the NBA's Houston Rockets and boasts a seating capacity of more than 16,000—space that some feel would best serve as a shelter for Hurricane Harvey evacuees.... More »

$600K Stolen From Joel Osteen's Megachurch

Lakewood Church missing weekend collection

(Newser) - Pastor Joel Osteen's megachuch in Houston was robbed of more than a half-million dollars this weekend. Authorities say $600,000 in cash, checks, and credit card donations disappeared from a safe at Lakewood Church between Sunday afternoon and yesterday morning. All of it was collected during weekend services, though... More »

88% of US Catholics Approve of Pope

And some 75% of Americans like Francis

(Newser) - American Catholics are big fans of the new pope, with some 88% approving of the job Pope Francis is doing, a CNN/ORC International poll finds. ( Eat your heart out, Congress .) As for the country as a whole, CNN reports that about three in four Americans has a positive... More »

Amazingly Elaborate Hoax Targets Megachurch Pastor

Joel Osteen has renounced his faith, online hoax claims

(Newser) - Somebody has put a massive amount of work into a hoax claiming that pastor Joel Osteen has renounced his faith and is resigning from the Texas megachurch his father founded, the Houston Chronicle reports. The hoax includes a fake Twitter feed, a YouTube video from "ChristianityNews" containing mockups of... More »

10 Pastors Who Are Absolutely Loaded

God's work can apparently bring in a lot of cash

(Newser) - You probably wouldn't think of "religious leader" as a job that would bring in big bucks, and for the most part, you'd be right: Catholic priests make just $25,000 to $30,000 per year, and the average Protestant pastor brings in $40,000. But get a... More »

Who We Trust Post-Cronkite

From Cooper to Oprah, people weigh in

(Newser) - After the passing of Walter Cronkite, the Washington Post wondered who could compare to his level of trustworthiness. Below are a few of the responses they got from a variety of sources:
  • Anderson Cooper, “because he always has that slight bit of cynicism when it’s deserved,” says
... More »

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