C Street House

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Inside DC's Secret Christian Frat House

John Ensign, Chip Pickering, Mark Sanford all prayed at C Street

(Newser) - When they learned of his affair, John Ensign’s housemates confronted him. They told him he was ruining his marriage, and offending God. In attendance, as Ensign broke down crying, were Republicans and Democrats alike, all residents of 133 C Street, a kind of boarding house for Christian lawmakers. Chip... More »

Pastors: Lawmakers' House 'Masquerading as Church'

C Street Center illegally giving lawmakers too-low rent, they say

(Newser) - Lawmakers such as Bart Stupak and John Ensign are getting a big and possibly illegal financial break by renting rooms at a DC boarding house "masquerading as a church," say a group of Ohio pastors. In two complaints filed with the IRS, the pastors charge that the C... More »

Power Meets Prayer at DC 'Family' House

C Street House members believe they 'transcend morality'

(Newser) - The C Street House, the Capitol Hill religious enclave that Mark Sanford, John Ensign, and Chip Pickering have in common, is more than a residence that happened to shelter three lawmakers involved in recent sex scandals, writes Jeff Sharlet in Salon. "If sexual license was all the Family offered... More »

3 Stories