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Lengthy Inherent Vice Is 'Offbeat'

Critics take on Paul Thomas Anderson's adaptation of novel

(Newser) - How many stars can you pack in a movie? When it comes to Inherent Vice, based on a 2009 novel by Thomas Pynchon, a lot. Alongside Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Martin Short, and Josh Brolin, Joaquin Phoenix stars as a stoner helping out his ex-girlfriend in 1970s California. Here's... More »

Reclusive Pynchon to Cameo in Film Version of His Book?

Director's lips are sealed about author's appearance, but Josh Brolin's aren't

(Newser) - The first movie adapted from one of Thomas Pynchon's novels, Inherent Vice will feature slapstick humor and starring turns from Joaquin Phoenix, Josh Brolin, and Reese Witherspoon—and, apparently, a top-secret cameo by the reclusive Pynchon himself, the New York Times reports. And while it may seem that getting... More »

15 Books That Will Never Hit Theaters

Thomas Pynchon's 'Gravity's Rainbow'? Not likely

(Newser) - The Great Gatsby is about to get the celluloid treatment again . And while we can only hope that Baz Luhrmann does it justice, a great book does not automatically equal a great film. (The Scarlett Letter much?) The Huffington Post lists 15 novels that it considers "unfilmable":
  1. Pale Fire,
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This Is Your Best Shot to Finish a Pynchon Novel

Author shifts gears, has fun with a stoner detective in the '60s

(Newser) - Thomas Pynchon's back with what appears to be his most accessible novel yet, in the unlikely category of detective fiction. Critics reviewing Inherent Vice say he pulled it off:
  • Laura Miller, Salon: It's "a sun-struck, pot-addled shaggy dog story that fuses the sulky skepticism of Raymond Chandler with the
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After Watchmen, Bring On Next 'Unfilmables'

(Newser) - Alan Moore’s Watchmen was supposed to be unfilmable. But with the director’s cut hitting stores today, that pretty obviously wasn’t the case. Scott Thill lists some supposedly unfilmable geek bibles for Wired:
  • Sandman: “It’s not film-shaped,” says creator Neil Gaiman. “What I got
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