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Doctor Pulls Small Feather Out of Baby's Neck

It may have come from a feather pillow

(Newser) - Seven-month-old Mya Whittington had been crying and pulling at the skin under her ear for weeks, leading her parents to think she might be teething. They had no idea how wrong they were. The left side of her face finally began to swell last weekend, leading Mya's parents to... More »

Fly Ties: Fish Bait Goes High Fashion

Fly fishermen reeling as women snap up rooster feathers

(Newser) - For every trendy lady you see running around with long feather extensions in her hair, a fly fisherman somewhere sadly goes without a lure. Hackles—the long, skinny rooster feathers fishermen use to make lures for bait—have been selling out nationwide. Hairdressers have gotten desperate to follow the craze... More »

Oldest Feathered Dino Found in China

Dinosaur is earliest known feathered species, may have flown on four wings

(Newser) - A fossilized creature found in northern China puts an end to any controversy over whether birds descended from dinosaurs, say Chinese scientists. The dinosaur, who lived some 10 million years before Archaeopteryx, is the oldest feather species ever discovered. The feathers cover its arms, tail, and also its feet, leading... More »

Broke? Try Paying Like Our Ancestors, With Shells, Beans

(Newser) - Sure, the global economy might collapse spectacularly and send us all back to a barter system. But that’s inefficient, Greg Sabin writes on Mental Floss, and “almost all civilizations have come up with currencies.” A sampling of what might be in your wallet next week:
  • Shells: "
... More »

4 Stories