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Health Drink of the Future: Camel Milk?

It's lower in cholesterol, higher in vitamin C than cow's milk

(Newser) - Could camel's milk be the health drink of the future? Dr. Frank King hopes so. He currently has 23 camels on his farm near Asheville, NC, a mix of humped dromedaries and double-humped Bactrians that are milked by hand—no crouching or seat needed. The creatures' milk has less... More »

NC Woman Struggles to Get Camel Dairy Over the Hump

(Newser) - Millie Hinkle loves camel milk, and thinks the rest of America should, too. “It’s taken over my life,” she says. That’s why she’s drained her savings, cut down her day-job hours and devoted herself to opening the US’ first camel dairy, the Wall Street Journal... More »

2 Stories