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FDA: Sorry, Camel Milk Is No Miracle Cure

California company gets a warning to tone down claims

(Newser) - One of the latest, pricey health fads is camel milk, and the FDA has made clear that it's none too pleased. That's because California company Desert Farms has been boasting that its product can cure (or at least mitigate) all kinds of ailments, from allergies to Crohn's... More »

Health Drink of the Future: Camel Milk?

It's lower in cholesterol, higher in vitamin C than cow's milk

(Newser) - Could camel's milk be the health drink of the future? Dr. Frank King hopes so. He currently has 23 camels on his farm near Asheville, NC, a mix of humped dromedaries and double-humped Bactrians that are milked by hand—no crouching or seat needed. The creatures' milk has less... More »

NC Woman Struggles to Get Camel Dairy Over the Hump

(Newser) - Millie Hinkle loves camel milk, and thinks the rest of America should, too. “It’s taken over my life,” she says. That’s why she’s drained her savings, cut down her day-job hours and devoted herself to opening the US’ first camel dairy, the Wall Street Journal... More »

3 Stories