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Selena Gomez Bares Ankle in Mosque, Sparks Outrage

People angered at show of disrespect

(Newser) - Selena Gomez stirred up a controversy in Abu Dhabi by posting an Instagram shot of herself flashing her right ankle during a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque there earlier this week. In addition to the ankle-baring photo, Gomez posted a photo to Instagram of herself and friends including... More »

Ankle Monitors Get a Grip on Drunk Drivers

New technology lets cash-strapped PDs free up jail space

(Newser) - In the fight against drunk driving, cash-strapped municipalities are embracing cheaper penalties than the traditional—and expensive—jailhouse, and the ankle monitor has a high-tech addition: an alcohol sensor. Repeat offenders can skip probation and even rehab if they submit to sweat-analyzing remote surveillance. “We are at a point... More »

Philly Voters, Do You Know Where Your DA Candidate Is?

Check his site: He's got an ankle monitor

(Newser) - Would-be Philadelphia District Attorney Michael Untermeyer has outfitted himself with a stylish new accessory—an electronic ankle monitor, of the kind he’d like to slap on the city’s criminals, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports. For the next 30 days, curious voters will be able to keep tabs on him... More »

'Cankle' Anxiety Grips Body-Conscious

(Newser) - Body-conscious Americans have been given a whole new area to fret about about in recent years, the Wall Street Journal reports. "Cankle"—a lower calf too chubby for an ankle to be properly defined—has entered the lexicon in recent years. Gyms, plastic surgeons, and shoe companies have... More »

4 Stories