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Lewinsky: 'Humiliation as a Blood Sport Must End'

She blasts cyberbullying in TED talk

(Newser) - "Public humiliation is a commodity and shame is an industry," Monica Lewinsky said in a blistering attack on cyberbullying at the TED conference yesterday, recounting how, in 1998, she was "swept up into the eye of a political, legal, and media maelstrom like we had never seen... More »

'Patient Zero' Lewinsky to Give TED Talk

She will repeat call for safer online environment

(Newser) - Monica Lewinsky is set to deliver a speech at the TED conference later this month on a phenomenon she has described herself as "Patient Zero" of: online bullying. She will speak at TED 2015 Truth and Dare in Vancouver on March 19, reports the Daily Dot, which notes that... More »

Edward Snowden, PR Mastermind

In TED Talk, Snowden promises more revelations

(Newser) - Edward Snowden made a surprise appearance—via a remote-controlled video chat robot—at the TED conference yesterday, and, as at his SXSW appearance , he got a warm welcome. The inventor of the Internet himself, Tim Berners-Lee, appeared onstage and called Snowden a hero, Wired reports, and a vocal segment of... More »

Kutcher's Twitter Account Hacked

First tweet asks, 'Dude, where's my SSL?'

(Newser) - Ashton Kutcher went to TED yesterday, and lost something intrinsic to being Ashton Kutcher: His Twitter account. The ever-tweeting actor's account appears to have been hacked, and likely by someone all but looking over his shoulder at the conference, reports ReadWriteWeb, which notes that celebs aren't likely to be impressed... More »

Secret 'Batman' Tech Heroes Protect Internet: Prof

(Newser) - The Internet keeps functioning thanks to the efforts of an army of unsung heroes, a Harvard cyberlaw expert told a tech conference yesterday. The professor used as an example Pakistan's attempt last year to take YouTube offline—the site went down across the world, but volunteers from a tech forum... More »

5 Stories