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Leno Offers Same-Old in Tepid Return

Critics left cold by victorious host's Tonight Show return

(Newser) - Jay Leno made his triumphant return to the helm of the Tonight Show last night. Critics say it was like he never left, although they're split on whether that's a good thing:
  • The back-to-the future Tonight Show had "neither pop, nor sizzle, nor surprise, and no amount of cheerleading
... More »

First Jay Leno Promo Digs at Conan

Tonight Show ad implies Conan O'Brien never belonged there

(Newser) - NBC aired the first promo for Jay Leno’s return to the Tonight Show last night, and it seems to include an underhanded dig at Conan O’Brien. The ad, a sequel to last year’s Super Bowl promo for the Jay Leno Show, shows a “10” decal flying... More »

Jay Leno Losing Bandleader Kevin Eubanks

He'll return with Leno but will scale back after that

(Newser) - It looks like Jay Leno will need a new bandleader. Longtime musical sidekick Kevin Eubanks will return to the air with Leno on March 1, but he wants to take at least a temporary break from the show at some point after that. Eubanks, a jazz guitarist, wants to do... More »

Jay Leno Show Set for Low-Key Finale Tonight

Host expected to mention return to Tonight Show March 1

(Newser) - The last episode of the Jay Leno Show will air tonight, with little fanfare—it certainly won't include the equivalent of Bette Midler serenading Johnny Carson as he ended his run on the Tonight Show. "The weird thing about Jay saying goodbye this time is that he's not really... More »

Leno: Letterman Found Me on Facebook

Super Bowl ad went so well that the 2-man luge is next, Leno quips

(Newser) - Archrivals Jay Leno and David Letterman were pals again for the Super Bowl thanks to the power of social networking, the host quipped on the next-to-last show Jay Leno Show last night. "Letterman and I hadn't seen each other in over 18 years," Leno said. "We lost... More »

Wanda Sykes Mocks NBC's Black History Menu—on NBC

Jay Leno a little uncomfortable during the riff

(Newser) - Jay Leno may have thought Wanda Sykes wanted to talk about her injured foot and her 9-month-old twins, but she made it clear last night on his show , "I'm here for that delicious Black History Month menu that NBC is serving in their cafeteria." Leno seemed clueless, and... More »

Jimmy Kimmel: Jay Leno Is a 'Tattletale'

Kimmel rebuts Jay Leno's Oprah Winfrey interview

(Newser) - After “ratting out” Jimmy Kimmel during his interview with Oprah Winfrey, Jay Leno seems to have no friends left in late night. Kimmel responded to yesterday's sit-down with the queen of all media—in which Leno claimed he felt “sucker punched” when Kimmel reamed him on the Jay ... More »

Scott Brown: I Can Beat Obama at Hoops

... with help from daughter who plays at Boston College

(Newser) - Barely a week after his stunning win in the Massachusetts Senate race, Republican Scott Brown boasted tonight that he can beat President Barack Obama ... at basketball. In an appearance on The Jay Leno Show, the Republican said he challenged noted hoops fanatic Obama to a two-on-two showdown when they talked... More »

Jay Leno Will Let Things 'Cool' Before Calling Conan

'Maybe we'll talk,' he tells Oprah in interview airing tomorrow

(Newser) - Jay Leno says he hasn't spoken to Conan O'Brien since the NBC brouhaha began—"it didn't seem appropriate"—but he might when "things cool down" a bit. "Maybe we'll talk, you know," Leno tells Oprah in an interview airing tomorrow. He also says he didn't... More »

Let the Conan Backlash Begin

Face it, O'Brien's ratings weren't great

(Newser) - Conan O’Brien joins the ranks of the unemployed today, so the ousted Tonight Show host now has plenty of time to track the backlash and second-guessing about the TV shell game. Jay Leno remains the villain of the piece, but the hard truth is that O’Brien never drew... More »

NBC's Next Challenge: Fixing Prime Time

Network to produce 20 pilots next season

(Newser) - Now that NBC is nearly past the Jay Leno-Conan O'Brien fiasco, the network is refocusing on the job at hand: correcting a 5-year slide in ratings. The Leno gambit, which CEO Jeff Zucker described as an experiment in the "economics" of network television, represented the network's hope that Leno... More »

Conan Blows $4.8M on Parting Sketch

Buys Kentucky Derby winner and sticks NBC with the bill

(Newser) - Conan O'brien upped the ante last night in his war with NBC, following his $1.5 million sketch Wednesday night with one he said cost $4.8 million. He spent that amount, he said, buying Mine That Bird, the 2009 Kentucky Derby winner, putting him in a horse-sized mink snuggie,... More »

Sandler to Conan: NBC Fired Me, Too

O'Brien-NBC deal said to be $45 million; tomorrow's his last Tonight Show

(Newser) - NBC and Conan O’Brien reached a pricey divorce early today, but that didn’t slow the Tonight Show host's relentless tirade against the network last night. A constant stream of monologue disses wasn’t enough, so O’Brien unveiled his latest revenge scheme: Waste as much of the network’... More »

Conan Bashes NBC en Español

O'Brien contract talks delayed; late night trashing continues

(Newser) - As the late night hosts’ jabs at each other and NBC go on…and on…and on, the severance deal between Conan O’Brien and NBC continues to be delayed. TMZ reports the hold-up is over how long O’Brien will be barred from slamming the network—which he did... More »

Leno? Conan? Bah! Bring Back Arsenio

(Newser) - Jay Leno failed at 10pm, but one host could make that time slot work: Arsenio Hall. For one thing, prime time needs some color. Minorities have made some inroads on the late-night schedule, from BET’s Mo’Nique Show to Fox’s Wanda Sykes Show, “but let’s be... More »

NBC Exec Calls Conan 'Chicken-Hearted and Gutless'

Dick Ebersol clearly Team Jay Leno in 'Tonight Show' flap

(Newser) - Though his fellow comedians are lashing out at Jay Leno, the comedian at least has the NBC brass on his side. Conan O’Brien is “chicken-hearted and gutless” for blaming his “astounding failure” on Leno, says Dick Ebersol, chairman of NBC Universal Sports. The bottom line? O’Brien... More »

Jay, Conan Take Gloves Off

Leno, O'Brien continue trading digs over fate of 'Tonight Show'

(Newser) - As Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien continued to take swipes at each other last night (and everyone else continued to take swipes at Jay Leno), rumors and new developments in the NBC shake-up continued to come out. Watch highlights from last night in the video gallery, and read on... More »

Jay, Conan Turn on Each Other

As Tonight Show saga continues, Leno and O'Brien face off

(Newser) - As the late-night shakedown gets messier, Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien seem to be turning against each other—and David Letterman is clearly on Team Conan. The Late Show host wants O’Brien to appear on his show “not to rub NBC's noses into their huge mistake, but... More »

Leno, O'Brien May Both Walk

Leno could also take Tonight Show back; Conan O'Brien still likely headed to Fox

(Newser) - Thanks in part to a loophole in Conan O’Brien’s NBC contract, he will most likely leave the network while Jay Leno takes The Tonight Show back—or Leno might also ditch NBC entirely, depending which gossip site you read. Sources tell TMZ O’Brien’s contract guarantees he... More »

Jay, Conan Joke About Futures

O'Brien lists outlandish future options; Leno calls NBC 'disaster'

(Newser) - As everyone wonders whether Conan O’Brien will stay at NBC or move to Fox, the Tonight Show host offered up a few more novel ideas yesterday: Perhaps he’ll “pretend to put my son in a giant foil balloon, then sit back and watch the offers come pouring... More »

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