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Flu Battles at Camp Spark Fears for School Year

Purell abounds; symptomatic kids sent home

(Newser) - With a swine flu resurgence expected in the fall—before an H1N1 vaccine is available—schools are getting a head start on fighting the disease, the Los Angeles Times reports. The scene at summer camps may provide a preview: Hundreds of youngsters in Southern California alone have been sent home... More »

Swine Flu Leads to Unhappy Campers

As outbreaks spread like wildfire, counselors quarantine kids

(Newser) - H1N1 may not have ended civilization as we know it, but it’s ruined a lot of stays at summer camp, the New York Times reports. Camps are dry tinder for flu outbreaks, and many have canceled or postponed this year's sessions. Others have been split nearly in half to... More »

2 Stories