Cary Sherman

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RIAA Boss Clarifies Lawsuit

Says industry has never prosecuted anyone for ripping CDs for personal use

(Newser) - RIAA chief Cary Sherman says the recording industry has never prosecuted anyone for  ripping or copying CDs for personal use, Engadget reports. Sherman appeared on NPR and characterized media reports about a recent high-profile suit as inaccurate. The legal action, he said, is against a man who ripped CDs not... More »

Lawsuits Aimed at Swapping Students

Record honchos hit college campuses to make the music stop

(Newser) - The recording industry is bringing out the big guns in its battle to stop illegal music downloads, threatening to sue hundreds of college students each month if they don't stop swapping swiped tunes. The kids need to be taught some download etiquette, says RIAA President Cary Sherman. "Remember... More »

2 Stories