freeze-dried kimchi

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Doomsday Food Is Now Food for Every Day

'Best thing that can happen for my business is Hillary Clinton winning the presidency'

(Newser) - Doomsday food is all grown up, and it's not just being marketed for "preparedness" anymore. "The zombie apocalypse isn’t going to happen," a rep for freeze-dried food maker Mountain House, tells the Wall Street Journal , which had staffers try different foods and got myriad reactions... More »

Kimchi Without the Stench? Korean Woman Has It Down

Freeze-drying keeps cabbage dish's taste

(Newser) - Kim Soon-ja eats kimchi everywhere she goes, but she’s noticed that outside of Korea, people tend to wrinkle their noses. South Korea’s beloved fermented cabbage dish is among the world’s smelliest foods, the Los Angeles Times notes—so Kim took it upon herself to invent a freeze-dried... More »

2 Stories